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  1. Vicfre

    Okay, i got banned by entry fee for nothing, first he jailed me and dandan, we had a conversation with him and we got unjailed (the jail was for boosting which we did not do) then me and dandan killed anz and some other guy in wildy, i went afk because i was going to eat. when i came back i was banned with no reason, no pm or shit. So i wanna see some proof why im banned. thanks -Vicfre
  2. Vicfre

    okay so about 15 mins ago me and dandan was jailed for "boosting" and zod accused of having 2 accs which was not ours then i got unjailed went on my alt "afroman" killed an acc with the name "number 2" which is "number 1" alt and all of a sudden i get banned. They thought i was boosting
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