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    Project ‘Fix GrinderScape’ First thing is first – PvP So far, everything about PvP is broken, the list below will point out as many as I can find, and solutions to them underneath. 1. Freeze timers, at the moment, you can freeze someone and run out of the view of that player and still be frozen. - This can be easily fixed, by doing the exact same thing as OSRS, once a player gets a certain number of tiles away from the frozen target, the freeze is lifted, at the moment it is so easy to get away, all you have to do is catch 1 freeze and run. 2. When equipping a staff, or magic weapon, you automatically run towards the target you’re fighting, as if you have auto retaliate on (Which I never do) - Just copy OSRS or another servers PvP script if you have to. 3. Unable to teleport with teletabs while frozen - This is the single most stupid annoying mechanic I’ve ever had to play alongside. Fix it for the love of god. 4. Kodai wand hitting 40s through prayer - Since the mechanic that bosses could hit through prayer, I think that totally fucked PvP, now you can hit through prayer, just like bosses, even harder. Either make it so bosses don’t hit through prayer, or physically change the boss’s mechanics, don’t put it as a global mechanic, now PvP is just broken. 5. TeleBlock XP drops - Easiest fix just copy OSRS script, or another servers that already has 6. Hit Predictor - Most servers have this nowadays, makes PvP more enjoyable, rather than XP drops 7. Item protection - I don’t know how this fucks up, but it did. How can you only protect untradeables, yet they still break? Sick of losing big +1’s due to this bug 8. Fix and Balance all weapons and armor - If you have to, recode the whole lot, everything is completely broken, MSB hits better than a RCB, Kodai overpowered, Void fucking stupidly broken (1 helm switch, and its best gear in-game) Dark bow, Dragon spear special attack, Ancient mace special attack, and so many more. 9. Spellbook home teleport - Either fix tabs, or allow us to teleport out of combat with the Home teleport 10. PJ Timers - The pjing system is broke, you can literally spam click someone that is actively taking damage and still PJ it, you can PJ a player off of a boss…. 11. Teleport over 20 Wilderness - Either fix glory, or give Eternal Glory same stats as regular glory, but the ability to teleport out of 20-30 wilderness PvM 1. Again, PJ timers - You can PJ NPC’s, once again 2. Broken bosses/Item loss - Fix items lost on death when dying at some bosses. The brokenly strong bosses. 3. Gambling 1. Anti-Scam - We need ANTI-SCAM gambling!!! Cannot stress this enough, people will not bother if they have the chance of being scammed. - Juicy 0range/Classy0range/Juicy Orange
  3. Requesting rank: Veteran Primary rank(Yes/No) Proof: Old forums - Ihuntdragons
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