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  1. Kim1

    The cape bug is still there on my end. I can wait for the update and see if the issue is resolved. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, as I was playing today, I died at tarn and my items were broken as usual, including my infernal max cape. When I repaired it, it reverted back into an infernal max cape, but it only has the use and drop options, not the wear option. Thanks.
  3. Thank you guys for the quick response. On September 17 2018, I messaged Lou on discord on my discord account "Kwantran" my account had been nulled. During this time, is when I lost 100m cash. I did not mention the cash in my discord message. When a logged back in a few weeks later, I withdrew most of my gear, and found that my account was still nulled. I messaged Lou again on discord on October 7 2018, and again Lou fixed my account quickly. Although Lou fixed my null, I have not received my lost items back yet. I took a break between September 17, and October 7, and did not play in between this time. Perhaps I made a mistake, and the null was not yet fixed. Thank you for your time.
  4. When my account became nulled, I withdrew some items from my bank but i could not redeposit them or click on them. I relogged, and all of the items i withdrew had been deleted. A week later I was nulled again, and again some more of my items were deleted. I lost 100m cash, an abyssal tentacle whip, a 3rd age melee helmet, a dragon defender, elite void melee, and an infernal cape. Thank you.
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