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  1. Karma

    Look at this fire outfit!!!!!!!
  2. In-game Name(s): Number1Pk Age: 20 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time Will you be active?: Yes, I am usually active, the only times I will not be active is around exam time, this is very important as I am a nursing student. How much do you usually play per day?: 1+ hours per day, but when it comes time for exams and studying, studies come first. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I have been playing this game for 2+ years and have been a well respected player, I follow the rules, I have never scammed anyone nor have gotten into any trouble with staff. I play this game because it is relaxing and will continue to play it. I am always dicing and if I am not dicing I am holding items as a middleman and can be trusted to do so. Any other information: Please take my application into account. I would love to become a middleman member and believe I am and would be a great addition. Thanks for reviewing my application, Kennedy Kozub
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