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  1. Jake

    First of all, congratulations to Number1! Was looking forward to seeing some promotions within the staff team. Second of all, keep it up. Not just Number, but every staff member that's helping Grinderscape growing back to what it once was, in 6 years of playing this server I've rarely seen such friendly and available staff. Keep it up!
  2. Jake

    Great choice, just came back playing and both Zod and Number1 have helped me a lot with getting some GS knowledge back. Glad to see we have such dedicated staff
  3. Jake

    Was bored and decided to check, once again, the website. Saw that they opened a discord, wasn't sure yet if the servers were back yet so I joined the discord and asked. This was 2 days ago
  4. Jake

    Hello everyone! I'm back on Grinderscape after a long break (it's been 2 years for the least.). Two days ago I found out this server was back up so I decided to come back and well, here I am. Here's my introduction: IRL I have a first name and a second name, both are Italian names which are the equivalent of "Thomas" and "Jacob" in English and well, being that I always went to an international school I was known as Tommy for the professors and Jake for my friends. I personally prefer Tommy as that's what my family calls me but you can also call me Jake, I don't mind. Besides, the username "Tommy" was taken in-game so I went with Jake. I'm 18 years old, half Norwegian half Italian, but I currently live in Rome. I'm attending my 5th and hopefully last year of highschool this year, and next year I'm moving out to Norway for university where I will study either programming, graphics design or medicine. I know, they're not very similar but I still have one year to make a choice. I'm a badass designer already since I've been practicing for when I'll have to go to uni, you can see some of my work here, even though it's a bit outdated: In my free time I watch anime, play games and study for school. GAMING I started playing games in 2007 when I was just 7 years old. My first game was, obviously, the great Runescape. From 2007 to 2011 I played mostly RuneScape and some Call Of Duty on the side. In 2012 I found out about private servers (literally a friend of mine told me that there were servers where you could spawn an AGS and I was so excited) and I came across Grinderscape, my first private server experience. Unfortunately you couldn't spawn anything on Grinderscape but I still loved it, and sticked with it for a few years, then I quit in 2015 more or less to play League Of Legends and well, now I'm back for good. Hope to meet some new people in game and make a few friends, I'll also be lurking the forums cause that's what I love to do! Happy grinding!
  5. Requesting rank: Veteran rank. Primary rank(Yes/No):Only rank I can recover so yeah. Proof: Honestly I only have this 3 year old video of me giving free partyhats around I know it's not much but it should prove that I've been here for at least 3 years. (My forums account was created in 2012 so it's actually 6 years old.) I also have a few more vids that are even older than 3 years on the same channel. Hope that works! EDIT: Also if you ask Sven he'll sure recall banning me in 2013 and will recall me appealing for the ban on the forums. Took me a whole 3 months of begging for him to unban me, he'll sure remember
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