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  1. deathbyjj

    Been over a week, know it's been busy, just want tto ask is someone looking into this or has it been looked into already or should I try contacting a mod on disc?
  2. deathbyjj

    I logged in for the first time in over a week naked and saw that none of my items were in my bank. My missing items that I notice are: Elite void top and bottom, vesta top legs and long, stat helm, tbow, eternal necklace, dhunter cbow, pegs, prims, infernal cape x2, my bmoney (think it was around 80k), kodai, eternals, my super attacks and strengths (for some reason), my dragonfire ward, my sharks, my prayer pots, ava's assembler, serp helm, ancient wyvern shield, dclaws, I think 2dwarhammers, and all my anglerfish (not sure of the amount). Is there anything I can do to get my items back or is it all gone cus I got hacked?
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