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    I flushed my dns, and cleared the cache and redowloaded everything, as well as, reset my router, however nothing has worked. It still shows that the server is offline for some reason.
  2. Chex Cloud

    I tried to clear the cache and redownload a few times, and tried resetting my router twice. It did not have an effect. I'll try flushing my DNA to see if that will help!
  3. Chex Cloud

    I can use the client and run it perfectly fine on a public wifi, however, whenever I get to my apartment, the client shows that the server is offline. When I select "Start Game" it will load normally, yet, it will get stuck on "Preparing Game Engine" and will eventually become a black screen. I have tried to disable firewalls, checked my adapters, and have reinstalled the client and reinstalled java. Nothing has worked. I would appreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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