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    Hello, My account redsfyre got hacked . I logged in at edgeville bank and saw that my character didnt have his weapon or boots or amulet on. I then looked in my bank and saw that I lost most of the good items in my bank. I will try to list what was lost. 1x elysian spirit shield 1x karil barrows 1x banana whip 1x dinh`s bulwark , 1x abyssal bludgeon , 1x kodai wand ,1x craw`s bow, 1x full statius , 1x full justiciar legguards 1x dragon claws 1x white party hat + another stuff 1x Serpant Helm 1x Twisted Bow 1x Arcane Shield 1x Pegs Boots 1x Prim Boots 1x Eternal Boots 1x Infernal Cape 1x Amulet of Torture 1x Necklace of Anguish 1x Occult Necklace I had than m gold, but i don't remember the exact amount, and for Blood money i had less than k but i don't remember how much. I'm sure i forgot more, but i can live without it. Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope that my account can be restored to it's previous state. Thanks, redsfyre
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