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  1. Tabor

    its what happens when the server is run by an oil miner
  2. Tabor

  3. Tabor

  4. Tabor

    no we come on boats as convicts
  5. Tabor

    found a message in a bottle on an abandoned island i came up on after my boat crashed had to build my own pc and internet but here i am now
  6. Discord name(s): Jesus Tabor (#1 Loyal) Timezone: GMT+10 Will you be active on the Discord's team?: Yes, discord is the one location I can be active daily. Do you have prior experience moderating on Discord's/Forums?: Yes, I have been discord staff for grinderscape previously, so my experience comes from there. Why do you deserve to be in the Discord's team?: Well, other than the fact i'm clearly active in the timezone where everyone else is asleep, I know how to handle situations. I have the reputation as one of the most active people on the entire discord, and I believe I am respected enough, and worthy enough, to fulfill discord moderator duties. What do you expect to get out of joining the Discord's team?: I expect to help get the server off to a flying start, as it's only new people are constantly joining the discord and asking questions if no one is able to help in-game, or just engaging with the community as a whole.
  7. Tabor

    Man who is this guy and why was he promoted over me.. Gz I suppose, but you will never be as good as me, Mr Weeb x
  8. Tabor

    sry i would add u but only talk to u on discord
  9. Tabor

    Sry no girls Sry i forgot you and pump
  10. Tabor

    I love you all @Icarly65 @Entry Fee @tom @Surreal @Brad @Anz @Valar @Isaac Also to the biggest homie of all, @Tabor, i fucking love you dude, keep doing you and you'll do great, I love the way you keep the discord active, you deserve rank #1 for a reason, also deserve discord staff, but I know you don't like to apply because doesn't feel earned! Thanks for everything guys, I love you x
  11. Tabor

    Hi man, while Rashed is in-game owner, can I be forums owner? Obviously he will have permissions to view reports and appeals etc, but he just won't have power on forums, I will have all of that You've dug yourself a hole very deep Tarquin, and when you keep making decisions like these (GFX manager being you, never seen you do GFX, Forums Co-Owner to make yourself feel special because no one wants you staff in-game, shit like that) makes me question, are you really worthy of a rank at all? I'm pretty sure the 'splitting' of the co-ownership is so when Lou sees you doing a 'great' job on a dead forums, it's so he'll give you the rank in-game because '90% of the server want you co', thus merging the 2 ranks together again because you don't want someone else taking a rank that you personally see yourself fit for.
  12. Tabor

    Hi southern
  13. Tabor

    trumps hair would you rather die by burning or by freezing
  14. Tabor

    maxed on cameron bro
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