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    I agree with this topic certain things have to change in order for the server to grow. More active staff will definitely be needed for this to happen, in my opinion the server is slowly dying due to lack of support needed in cc and other places such as bugs. My thoughts
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    @Lou Grinder
  3. I recently donated for 10000 premium points on my ironman, Fe Fiq, and went to open them and dropped and destroyed 13 mystery boxes as a result. Proof:
  4. In-game Name(s): Fiq Age: 19 Timezone: GMT +1 Will you be active?: Yes How much do you usually play per day?: I usually play around 2 hours a day on weekdays and on weekends around 6-10 hours a day depending on my circumstances. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I believe I deserve to be part of the Official Middle Man group as I am well respected and trusted by the community, as well as members of staff. I am also very reliable. Any other information:
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