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  1. Skybro

    Hello, I logged in and out a couple times days ago. And suddenly when i logged in if i would do anything for example walk or trade or idk the bank pin would appear. I would enter the digits but it would just go from tthe last digit to digit 2 or 3 or 4 again. So basically can't do anything with my account(skyflash88). Please help
  2. Good luck Nykie. Its good to have middleman at different times of the day. You're pretty active and a help out a lot so hopefully you get the position
  3. Good luck on your application Dev. I know you and I'm sure you'll do your best on the position.
  4. In-game Name(s):Skybro Age:23(24 in august) Timezone:GMT +2 Will you be active?:Definitely How much do you usually play per day?:From 4-6 hours(don't judge me, I like the game) Why do you deserve to be in this group?:Well I've been playing for a while now on a day to day basis. I enjoy the game a lot and during the time I've played I have tried to be as helpful as I can. A lot of people will know me as skyflash88 my first account and then on skybro as my 2nd account(classic). Maybe it is a bit early to apply for a position as middleman but I feel like I'm up for it. I know I'm ready to do my best and I will respect all rules that apply to my postion!!! Have a good day fellow grinders Any other information:
  5. Was playing on both skyflash88(bossing zulrah) and skybro (bossing cerberus). My internet went bad. I directly opened 3g and hotspot. Logged in on both accs. Went back to spots, stuff gone. Logged again at spots still nothing... Skyflash88 nothing lost just some d arrows. Skybro lost vesta set, serp helm, and the thing that is eating me from inside my favorite d whip :'(..... Please look into it guys! Write to me on discord for updates (skyflash88 account name)
  6. Skybro

    Lou i'll be on later in 3 hours from this time hopefully we can finish
  7. Skybro

    Got about 15 osrs tokens if someone could help me out to trade em
  8. Skybro


    No i have those red tokens. One trades for 1m osrs cash
  9. Skybro


    Um need to trade my 2osrs tokens for gp in osrs. Help
  10. Guys been 2 days since this problem and it keeps happening. For example I pray melee usually against cerb and corp and i take the magic hits, but these 2 days they even hit with melee cerb 33 and corp 52 how is that even possible has never happened before???
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