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  1. Who in their right fucking mind thought it was a good idea to skull people who auto-retaliate pkers? This needs fixed. atm this only supports rag 1-itemer pkers to rush wildy bosses with 0 risk and everything to gain.
  2. Swifty

    I suggest we remove this boss from the boss contracts list as nobody seems to know where it is or if it even exists...
  3. Swifty

    Dragon Whip - Hello, probably my fault but I was under the assumption after reading the Dragon Whip info on an update thread somewhere that it would proc dragon fire like rune bolts (e) does. The current spec isn't bad, but honestly I think the item would be cooler if it were d to have a passive chance to proc dragon fire. Indigo Whip - The special attack again is very lack luster in usability, id suggest making it a full 30 second barrage freeze for 100% spec or keep the 6 second and make it a passive % chance effect rather than it's special attack. I've not used any other whips and cannot comment on them at this time, feel free to post any ideas on how to make these any different to not be op etc..
  4. Swifty

    The Legend himself!
  5. Swifty

    Hello, simple suggestion, make the scythe of Vitur have it's 3 proc attack as it's useless currently. I was thinking of donating for one until I found out it's worse than a whip. If I had donated money and actually got this item without realizing it doesn't work I would be super pissed. Shouldn't be too hard can copy/paste the animation and effect off the dragon halberd spec as it's practically what it does.
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