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  1. Phantom is a new team on the block with sights set on becoming the most dominant PVP Team Grinderscape has ever seen in both Single & Multi Phantom is currently invite only @Leader ~Skorpz If you're interested in joining an experienced and well organized Team, feel free to message CHRIS#0743 on discord to discuss your options on gaining an invite. Kills So Far, 3 Max Kills on Divine CC https://gyazo.com/3356c49a36a90d7194f79773966dc6a0 https://gyazo.com/5cef63134f8cb6b468d19d343df17eb7 https://gyazo.com/209f8f1ebd17509e96a6b8e8d15ac225 https://gyazo.com/4967fc814d20371124ace827a19e0b78 https://gyazo.com/8e76fdda9141d8136c8f4ceaf3b4be7a
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  3. Issues needing addressed to attract more players to the server, also pkers. 1. Glory needs fixed, you cant teleport above 20 wild with it. It should be 30 wilderness & Also needs a right click teleport option as you literally cannot teleport in combat. 2. Add barrows gloves to the melee shop. 3. Add rune c'bow & Black d'hide set to the range shop. 4. Add book of darkness to the magic shop. 5. Add charged glory's to the shops. 6. Too many NPC'S in the general store, needs tidied up abit as it looks very messy. 7. Lower the god capes prices from 3.7m to 100k. 8. Add spirit shield to the magic shop for 500k each. 9. Add neitznot helms to the melee store for 65k. 10. Add dragon scimitar to the melee store for 100k. 11. Add dragon dagger++ to the melee store for 25k. 12. Add diamond (e) & Dragonstone bolt (e) to the range shop. 13. Add Ava's accumulator to the range shop. 14. Add lock picks to the general store, shop keeper. 15. Add climbing boots to the melee store. 16. Cap it to buying x5000 on an item instead of 500, saves time stocking up on runes for pking. 17. Add the dragon spear to the melee shop. 18. Add rune platebody & platelegs to the melee store. 19. Add a trading post, this is a high priority. New players will be driven away from the server if they have to spam help cc for hours to buy 1 item. 20. Add super combats, Stamina & Anti venom+ Pots & Angler fish to the Bloodmoney shop. 21. Prayer clicks are not smooth, needs some adjusting. 22. Item switching drags really bad, this needs worked on. 23. Add Revenants cave north entrance to the PKing teleports or Black chins. 24. Add Grave Yard of shadows to the Pking teleports. 25. Add Ice platue to the Pking teleports. 26. Add webs to the magebank hut with correct ticks & chance on slashing. 27. You pull the lever outside magebank 1 tile away, should be on the same tile with a 1 tick delay. 28. Add webs to the mage arena lever hut. 29. Add A Big drop table to the battlemages, this will promote deep wilderness activity, thus attracting Pkers ( High risk, high reward ) 30. There should be more than 2 giant bats outside magebank. 31. Fix magebank Pirate hut, current the doors are missing and there are no pirates inside, they are to be made aggressive aswell. 32. Fix the clipping bug at the top floor of magebank pirate ship - https://gyazo.com/3b651a0628881934479e0b1f3e1b86b2 33. Remove Jungle spiders above magebank stairs, also you cannot go down. Needs fixed.. Add correct Npcs, Gates and make sure you can squeeze through the crevice. 34. Add web to the deserted Keep, teleport via lever south of edge bank - https://gyazo.com/ee4f46e2abba5246c92dbe88b063ef82 35. Fix the deserted keep lever, It should be red and mounted on wall. Currently looks like this - https://gyazo.com/120f639d050f826752c8fa9074c7bb66 36. Using the deserted keep lever in the wilderness teleports you to edgebank, should teleport you to the tile of the lever south of the bank. 37. Gate to the wilderness agility course is missing, also it should be multi combat from were I am standing. The whole way Inside the agility course and the whole way west to the corner of the gate should be multi combat - https://gyazo.com/a3a625dd0326dcb08775076f982ee96b 38. Wilderness Chaos alter doors missing, add the Npc to unnote bones and make it the same as osrs on having a chance to save bones ect, will make it a more popular spot on grinderscape - https://gyazo.com/dfd6fc60755caffbb9f2eb501c236377 39. Spiders below KBD ladder all attack you/follow you, this shouldn't happen. Also there should be 5 spiders - https://gyazo.com/46451f8fe91d89455934081f99d10c98 40. The Gate to Kbd is missing - https://gyazo.com/8e35b60c9c837c87edca49a68e7f8a03 41. Should be 3 lesser demons at kbd cage, not 2. 42. You cannot teleport while in Kbd liar, this should be considered a safe zone, not wilderness - https://gyazo.com/8c9ced80c060d3995b208dcc9e6f1c9d 43. Add Greater demons teleport to Pking teleports. 44. Add an Edge Pvp Teleport, A popular spot for hybrid fights. 45. Chaos elemental teleport teles you to the obelisk, it should teleport you around 5-10 tiles away from the chaos ele - https://gyazo.com/bee3038fc906e9ad4c57ff35f4b52004 46. Members gate missing - https://gyazo.com/1da114f65d97a88921d690b3d4eedd4c 47. Old gate missing, North west of Greater demons - https://gyazo.com/baaf31a7c2d916d689279060c39e56cb 48. Remove these from the single combat area, will piss single teams off - https://gyazo.com/238fa92f13e223fe3c5812ea8f65bb02 48. Axe hut doors and axes are missing, make sure the axes are agressive and require a pick lock and the correct thieving level to enter ( Same goes to Pirate Hut ) - https://gyazo.com/f1dba337e130d2bf2d3fc5d34767d8c6 49. Add an Option to reorder prayers. 50. Have an automatic PVP tournament every hour, where you get stats and gear supplied to you. ( Hybrid, Nh, Dh, Max melee, Pure Nh ) 51. Move ::market to Falador park, make this the main place for trading until we get a grand exchange or trading post. 52. Add Non aggressive bosses all around the deep wilderness with a real good drop table, will both pvmers and pkers. 53. Add the infernal mini game and make it the only way to obtain the infernal cape. 54. Make the combat xp rates 500x, the current Xp rates aren't appealing to Pkers and clans. 55. Host daily staff Pk events, 1 being an HP event. This will include having a staff member with 20-50k health risking bank loot... This Will promote Server wilderness activity. 56. Organize monthly clan battles with good rewards, Could do a bo3 Knock out, 5v5 hybrid at magebank and 5v5 multi at gdz. 57. Fix the current lag issue. 58. The ancient spell book needs changed to OSRS, currently barrage is on the right, should be left. 59. The wilderness counter stays at 0 when there is people in wildy, this needs fixed as it will put pkers off. 60. Add an option to save presets, most servers have this as it's quit helpful. 61. Add the NPC Sigmund with the ability to sell him items at a discounted rate, will help clean up the eco abit. 62. Add rune pouch to the bloodmoney shop, (Make it kept on death) 63. Add Royal seed pod to the bloodmoney shop, make it kept on death. (This lets you left click teleport at 30 wilderness. 64. Add looting bag to the bloodmoney shop. 65. Tidy up the mini bloodmoney shop, Remove all that jump and place all untradables & super combats, staminas, anti venom+, angler fish, Revenant teleports, Bounty teleport scroll. 66. Add Raids 1 & 2 with full rotations, make it an achievement to grind for the rare rewards! 67. Add crystal shields to the range shop for 1m each. 68. When trading other players you cant type type 10m or 10k, you have to type the the amount of yourself, add this in. 69. You currently cannot added ether to the bracelet of etherurm, should be able to click the ether and click the brace to add it. 69. You should be able to do the same when adding ether to the craw's bow, viggora's chainmace & thammaron's sceptre. 70. Add PVP Armours and wepons to the revenants drop table, this should be the only way to obtain these items, This will also make Revenants a hot zone Pk spot 71. Fix the lag spike issue when running towards the edge general store. 72. Wilderness chin hill should have black chins, not red. 73. Add Npc at revs to exchange ancient emblems. 74. Wilderness Chaos alter is meant to be multi combat, also multi 2 tiles away from walls the whole way round it. Cant think of anything more at the minute, I will keep adding more on day by day.
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