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  1. The duo himself, yeah the snaps gonna be lit. Keep up the grind
  2. what a small world, where are you from then?
  3. wow, what a small world. what part are you from if you dont mind me asking?
  4. You will be seeing me again 100%, Loving this server and the community is even better
  5. I see your's too buddy ;), you will see my selfie game soon haha
  6. I hope you understand all my trolling was just a joke mate, never had anything against you haha. I respect the time you put into the server and I hope to see you around still when I get back
  7. Just wanted to let the community know I am going to be on a lot less than usual from pretty much now until the 1st September. I am going to America (Arkansas) to visit my girlfriend, So basically all of my time will be dedicated to her. Only been on this server for a short while but have met some really nice people and just wanted to let you all know in case you wonder where I went too. Me going away will really give the lower tier players such as "Blurite" to take lead in the leader boards so I hope he makes the most of this opportunity. When I get back I will continue my grind and be active mostly every day. How ever when the next Call Of Duty drops I will be putting basically all of my time into that as long as it's decent of course. For what ever reason you need to contact me, I will be logging in every so often but only really for a few hours at a time. Anyone that wants to stay in contact with me you are more than willing to ask for my Snapchat, Discord or Twitter. I wish the best for this server while I am gone, and I hope to come back to more players, more competition and hopefully less bugs. Big shout outs to Bloom and Fe Male. Goodbye All
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