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Found 2 results

  1. Fe Snap

    Hello staff, topicreaders and fellow grinders! I tried making some more specific page of in game bugs. if you have anything add it please! Thanks Fibra Fabri for making this with me! Bosses: - Zulrah; still not available for players. When you teleport with either the boss tele or the zul-andra teleports you can obtain from npcs, you get teleported there. But once you click on the boat nothing happens. Has been gone for a long time though aswell. - Black knight titan; He is not here at the moment, when people stand to the far right near the bridge with a red skull on, bkt gets attention and could drags himself into wall - King black dragon; spawns in different places. He is not here anymore. Sometimes he spawn in the center, sometimes he spawns to the far right. Also you are in level 99 wilderness. Also when you duo, your mate can disappear into nothing. Visual bug perhaps - Kalphite Queen; Normallty when you click in there. You should get to Kalphite Queen layer, but chat says nothing happens. Vorkath; Vorkath is now off limits. When you enter his layer, you can not see him, but he will attack you. He only appears on the minimap. When you walk close, he actually is there. But he is immune to attacks, that's what the chat says. But when you hit him he does actually take damage. -Kril; Kril doesn't show a zamorakian hasta in his drop table feed. Not on the quest tab, neither when you view his drop table. When you kill him there is a 6 minute spawn time. - general graador; Bandos has 1000 hp, which is not coded the right way. He is actually one of the toughest bosses in game atm. - Sea troll queen; Sea troll queen is unreachable, you can't attack either with range/melee or mage. The portal doesn't work, even when you do 10 kc. When you stand in this position, sea troll can actually hit you but you can't attack back. even with auto retaliate on. Kamil; Kamil works fine, but sometimes when your herbs are grown - they do actually spawn right here in his area. minigames: ::dice ; When you make a full house with flower poker, it doesn't show as full house. Which gives the other the opportunity to tie the pokersession, even when you were supposed to win. skills non iron and ironman: As iron man you can not see how many points an item is. it just shows, you can't sell item to shops as iron man. - Hunter; Traps don't disappear - Woodcutting; Some yews tree in donator zone aren't working! Runecrafting; big thanks to dragonbones (topic 2735) for this part. (Be aware these are classic rates, so normal game is way quicker) Information xp is based on 28 pure essence per inventory, also from 0xp -99 max xp is 13034000. Air altar - 1334 xp (meaning 9771 times bank before maxed) Mind altar - 0 xp (its broken) Water altar - 1856 xp (meaning 7023 times bank before maxed) Earth altar - 2088 xp (meaning 6243 times bank before maxed) Fire altar - 2378 xp (meaning 5482 times bank before maxed) has to be specific spot check pictures! Body altar - 0 xp (its broken) Cosmic altar - 0 xp (its broken the way to it) Chaos altar - 3190 xp (meaning 4086 times bank before maxed) has to be specific spot check pictures! Nature altar - 3712 xp (meaning 3512 times bank before maxed) Law altar - 4002 xp (meaning 3257 times bank before maxed) has to be specific spot check pictures! Death altar - 4234 xp (meaning 3079 times bank before maxed) has to be specific spot check pictures! Blood altar - 7129 xp (meaning 1829 times bank before maxed) Clues; Loads of clues aren't working. We have come to a point were not even all elite clues are working anymore. Can we please fix this?
  2. Nankz

    Hi Lou just wondering if I can get the youtuber rank in game, link to my channel below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIhY2tT-HSAat_oRJTYwERw
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