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    Hello, This week we've got some big changes to the wilderness boosting, as well as the fixes for all the bugs that were reported by players! Bugs and Fixes: - Jail command is no longer announced to everyone. - Fixed some NPCs not spawning after death. * Dagannoth. * Giant sea snake runt's. - Fixed an achievement that rewarded players a lot of blood money. - You can now fix void and some other items at perdu. - Npc's ranged defence increased by 5%. - Npc's melee defence nerfed by 8%. - Spider's dropping emblems too fast fixed. - Twisted bow and Elder maul removed from blood money store to keep it's real value. - Blood money repair cost formatting. (95,000 instead of 95000) - In-game price checker price tag format, and other bug fixes. - A bug with boss contracts causing NPC's death not to register. - Added a code to track the cause of server nulling and black screen. - Shop bug fixed! - Barrows becoming broken upon death, and can be fixed @ perdu. - A bug with pets not moving to the player's location fixed. - The 10 second teleport timer now only applies when players are attacking you. - It will no longer say you've run out of ammunition while using a crystal bow. - Spears causing player to become invisible fixed. - Dragonfire has been updated to be more OSRS related. - Slayer's mithril dragon task teleport has been fixed. - Items on death will now stay on the ground for 5 minutes. - Wards ornament kits support added. - Major changes to the player logout system and saving. - Fixed bank 5,10; - Examine money in bank, floor, inventory now works perfectly fine. - A bug with onyx bolts (e) fixed. - Bronze bars added to the mining store. - A small bug caused furnace not to work is now fixed. - A bug causing dragon spear p++ to make you invisible. Content: - Added all missing fishes for Cooking skill: * Cave eel, Pike, Lava eel, Herring,..etc. - Crafting reworked: * Full gem cutting support. * All hides can be crafted including armor making. - Untradeable items will be broken when you die in the wilderness below level 20, and can be repaired for a cost: * Dying in the wilderness above level 20 will make you lose the untradeable item, and the killer will be rewarded with 50% value of the blood money value of the item. - Player boosting in wilderness changes: With today's update, most commonly used untradeable PKing equipment will be broken upon death in a PvP scenario. If you die with untradeable equipment to another player within the wilderness, you will still be able to keep the item as untradeable gear. However, it will be broken. Broken untradeables cannot be equipped. If you die in wilderness level 20 and below, you will keep the item and the killer will receive 50% Blood money of its repair value as a bonus drop. If you die in wilderness level 20 and above, you will lose the item completely and the killer is able to pick it up as it's. Broken items can be repaired with perdu in Edgeville. * Any player carrying a total item wealth below 500k is not counted towards blood money rewards. * Killing same players several times will not reward any killstreaks. * Recent kills system implemented. It should help fix boosting. - In-game price checker: * Supports BM to coins price. * More than 250 items coded. * Gives the average price of an item of the market's price. - Reset lamp added to game: * Resets any skill back to level one. - Overload potions added: * Cannot be used in the wilderness. * Can be found in the blood money shop for 1,500 blood money. - Skill guides added to the game: * Supports every skill. * Dynamic system so we can easily add/edit anything. - Emojis now appear above heads, with limit of one emoji per time to prevent spam. - Full Dragonstone & jewelry making & teleports: * Ring of wealth (e) * Combat bracelet charging & teleports. * Skills necklace charging & teleports. * Amulet of glory & eternal glory teleports. * Skills necklace charging & teleports. - You can now forge malediction and odium wards in the wilderness. - You can now charge glory in the wilderness. Possible upcoming updates: * Donator's zone/Dicing system. * Notification system. * Farming skill. As always, Enjoy!
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    Hey everyone, today we decided to promote @Surreal to the rank of Server Support. Tristan has been a great addition to the server, constantly looking for and reporting any issues, being active/helpful, and overall being a great role model for the community. Add the fact that he has been a staff member not once, but twice before, and this became a very easy decision. As with all staff, he will be on a 2 week trial. No doubt he will pass with flying colors though. Welcome to the team!
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    Hello Everyone, Our player base is slowly growing, and with new-comers we begin to have more people unaware of rules, or just straight up Rule Breakers who care for nothing but personal gain and influence. It's come to the attention of the entire staff team that we have been lenient on how player reports are submitted. However, a lot of these reports have come to nothing but pure accusation, and no proof behind it. We are still a small server (for right now), and sometimes we, the staff team are able to catch rule breakers ourselves, and that's easy enough to take care of. On the other hand I myself have experienced this "Just ban him/her" mentality from people who want to report people for breaking rules, but this is down to it's core, is unfair and unjust. The section for reporting players on the forums is there for the entire community to use at its disposal to record and report players who think they are above the law. See here; https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/10-submit-player-report/ We want this section to be used more by the community when it comes to serving justice and creating a more peaceful environment in-game. And with the use of this section, some more defined proof of a rule being broken whether it's a screenshot of something said towards, or about another player in the chat box, or video evidence of someone in the act of bug abuse, or mischief. Some people may be unaware of how they can screenshot, and record video. Here, I can give you all some fair and easy to use options that will help you. Screen Shotting Evidence 1.) The first one is the Prt Scrn button on your keyboard. Pressing this button will passively take a photo of whats currently on your screen. From here you may open a default Paint app on your computer and press CNTRL+V. This will paste the screenshot into the Paint app. You can use the crop tool to edit out the unnecessary portion of the screenshot, and save it to a folder of your choice. 2.) The use of safe 3rd party screenshot tools. Gyazo and Lightshot are 2 of the more popular screenshotting tools, that are quicker, and easier than option #1. By downloading one of these programs and opening the app it will allow you to automatically crop a portion of your screen you want to screenshot and it will create a link to view the area you've outlined. Simply copying and pasting this link into your report makes for a quick player report and convenient for us. Video Evidence It is understandable that some players have their own ways of recording video through Camtasia, and OBS etc, but some players may not frequent these programs as much. There are other free to use recording programs that everyone can have access to if they wish. #1. Hypercam - Hypercam is a free to download/use program that you can outline a portion of your screen you want recorded (i.e; your client window) By clicking the record button and stopping your recording it will be saved to the folder tied to Hypercam. You will need to upload the video to YouTube from that folder for the staff team to view properly. #2. Bandicam - Bandicam has the same process as Hypercam, and its functionality is almost identical. Some people may have preference over one or the other, but they will both get the job done. #3. Gyazo, as mentioned above for screen shotting also has an implemented feature to record a 15 second clip of your designated outlined area (Roughly the length of a gif) that can be made of use if you wish not to download a secondary program. Again, after the screen recording has finished it will automatically create a link for you to paste to your report. By clicking on this link, we will be able to view what you recorded. We ran by this motto since as far as I can remember in my almost 8 years as a part of Grinderscape, and I do not see it changing any time soon. We will be making big changes from here on out. "If there's no proof, there will not be any immediate punishment" Regards, The Grinderscape In Game Staff Team.
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    Hey grinders, Good news to tell you that this update will include a lot of new features, items, and bug fixes. Most of the reported content by players has been fixed. Notice: In order to play in this new update and be able to login, you first must download the new client from the website. It is very recommended to download the one with the updater so you don't have to install a new one on every update. Let's post the update thread and get started! Bugs and Fixes: - Dicer's rank can now be chosen from the rank chooser interface if you have the privileges. - Fixed retribution bug in Duel Arena. - Hp won't go full when leveling up again. - Shop "buy x" (200+) wipes entire cash stack. - A small bug with rank chooser for dicers should now work properly. - Fixed Kalphite Queen's boss entrance not working. - Blood spells will now heal the caster. - Using a harpoon at level 45 fishing in the wilderness resource area yields no fish. - You can no longer combine items while in the wilderness. - The Stairs in the East Varrock bank causes the out of world clip glitch as posted in previous Bug Dumps. - These Barbarian fishing spots are missing. - https://gyazo.com/94bfbf425b73cfe821e3d724586e549f - The second spot, however, is there. - You can no longer use stuck command while in combat. - Dragon fire breath has been modified: * Max possible damage is 40; * Anti Fire Shields reduce damage by 20; * Anti dragon's breath potions reduce damage by 15; * Magic protection prayers reduce damage by 15; * so having all on will always deal a zero damage. - King black dragon's fire breath max hit is 60 while unprotected. - Prayer no longer auto restores. - Edge starting wilderness level is 6-10 and in the deeper wilderness, it resets to 6 instead of 10 and goes incrementing. - You can now operate items such as Glory, ring of duel, tridents, bonecrusher..etc - Mutant tarn and Cerberus should no longer be safespottable. - NPC's that are not able to attack you will now retreat. - NPCs back and forth movement slightly optimized and fixed. - Ice troll king runt's issue fixed. - You now face NPCs or players you try trying to attack even if you weren't able to reach them or if you are out of ammo..etc - Updated our twitter's page with the new logo, background, and posts. - Added candle in general store. - Aggressive NPC's PJ too fast fixed. - Extreme donator's icon color changed. - Magic accuracy has been buffed by 5% - Cooking gauntlets & Double XP ring moved from agility store to skilling store. - Fixed over 50 shields block animations. (3rd age, twisted buckler, white shield, books, tome of fire, etc) - For people who had Java 9+ sometimes, the client wouldn't allow you to right click, and the right click functioned as a left click. - Game announcements optimized. - Thieving from stalls should be faster & smoother (Mass clicking lagging should no longer happen) - Max pieces of equipment removed from crystal chest rewards. - Scorpia's respawn timer fixed. - Pets reward giving cash reward in different stacks fixed. - All stalls will now have the rewards significantly increased. - Stalls at Edgeville will reward the same cash. - The whole economy GP is buffed. i.e (Coin drop rates increased by 55%) - You can now forfeit from the duel arena. - You can now craft slayer mask. - A random event that teleports you will no longer trigger in wilderness thieving. and some other minor bug fixes reported by players. Content: - Barrows reworked completely: * Screen shaking, and teleport when completed. * Random tunnel on every game. * Correct barrows brothers stats and respawn. * Reward system fully implemented. - Updated client downloader: * Auto downloads newest client and cache. * New loader implemented. * Launcher's icon added. * Failover links, java notification..etc - Added full bone crusher support: * Can be charged with Ecto-tokens. * Regular players 1 token = 2 charges. * Donators get benefits such as 1 token = 5 charges * Super donators 1 token = 10 charges. * Extreme donators 1 token = 25 charges. * Can be activated/deactivated. * Auto crushes bones with bonus XP. * Can be uncharged. - Ring of suffering permanent recoil (Charged). - Added Zenyte shard creation. - Ornament items creation support for: * Granite maul (or); * Dragon Scimitar (or); * Dragon Defender (t); - Item dismantling support added for some items. - Trident of seas & Trident of swamp added: * Requires 75 magic to wield. * Built-in spell instead of using ones from the spellbook. * Can be used in the wilderness. * The Trident cannot be used to auto-cast any other combat spells, nor can it be used to melee. * Holds up to 2,500 charges when fully charged. * Charging tridents of seas require 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, 5 fire runes, and 1000 coins per cast. * Charging tridents of seas require 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, 5 fire runes, and 1 Zulrah scales per cast. * A fully charged trident of seas requires 2500 death runes, 2500 chaos runes, 12,500 fire runes and 2,500,000 coins. * Trident charging support. * Trident uncharging support. * Attacks in 2.4 seconds instead of the default 3. * The max hit dealt by the trident is dependent on the player's current Magic level, starting at 20 with level 75 Magic and increasing by one every three Magic levels, up to a maximum of 31 at level 108. - Double XP ring implemented to the game: * The ring will vanish and disappear after 250 uses of boosts. * You can operate the ring to check for charges. - A system to support every attack type for every weapon with its emote: * Crush * Stab * Lunge * Pummel * Every attack uses the bonuses for the weapon in the formula, be wise choosing your attack style. - Skilling & Participation points system integration: *You receive 2 skilling points by earning XP from skills. *Participation points are rewarded for (Skilling, Skills level up above level 92, Completing achievements, Finishing skilling tasks, Donating, Voting, Boss kills, Slayer task completion..etc) - New shop "Borat" for participation points exchange at Edge. - Completing skilling tasks will now reward double the cash. * Talk to skills masters for tasks. They are very helpful and acts as a bonus. - Money rewards for killing bosses in-game: * 100 Bosses = 50M * 50 Bosses = 15M * 25 Bosses = 5M * 10 Bosses = 2M - Command Random event with rewards system implemented. - Donator's rank bond added to the game: * Can only be purchased from participation points shop and binds regular donator to the account holder. * You cannot redeem it if you already have the rank. * Sets your amount donated to $50 so if you donate $50 you get the super donator's rank. * Item can be traded to other players. - Reset lamp added to the game: * Can only be purchased from participation points shop. * Resets one skill back to level one. * Item can be traded to other players. - Yell credits implemented back to the game: * They are sold in the general store for 2.5M for 5 credits, and 5M for 10 credits. * Items can also be found in the participation points shop. * Once redeemed you cannot refund your points and they has to stay on your account. * Cannot be redeemed by donators as they already have access to the yell channel. * 1 credit per yell. * ::credits to check how many credits you have left on your account. * Can be traded to other players. Upcoming Content: There is a lot on the list, and what should be included are things like skilling rework, donator's zone, reworking slayer, new skill interfaces..etc - Inferno cape will also be introduced to the game. Enjoy deeds!
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    Hello, The forums have been updated to the latest version of IPS V4.3.5! - An issue with the chat box not appearing to everyone is now fixed. - Missing subforums in the appeal category are now showing properly. - A new forum rank added to the forums. - Website's drop guide link in the footer has been updated. - Minor bug fixes. Regards,
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    1) Using prayers as you teleport 2) Monsters hit through prayer, shouldn't be like this. You should not be hit whilst praying, like OSRS. Occurs when fighting pretty much any monster 3) Getting hit by monsters who are not even next to me lol 4) Random lagg around this specific area also sometimes near bank ( Maybe due to the pet issue) Notes: Shop bug is still not fixed and the pets are annoying at home
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    This was the first cape of 47 I purchased from Gruntmaster. @Gruntmaster @Icarly65 @Entry Fee @Daxx @Anz You guys can take me off suicide watch now
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    Discord name(s): Zod Timezone: UK timezone Will you be active on the Discord's team?: Active all day till mostly 2-4AM Do you have prior experience moderating on Discord's/Forums?: No but I'm mature enough to handle requests/help and suggestions given Why do you deserve to be in the Discord's team?: Been active towards GS for a long time, wanna give it a chance What do you expect to get out of joining the Discord's team?: Just respect
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    Hi guys! I guess it's timer for a proper introduction since I like the current community alot! Some personal information about me. My name is Mark and I'm 23 years old. I work as a civil engineer in The Netherlands. I've been playing grinderscape since something like 2012 and quit playing in 2015. My in-game name at that time was DUTCHED. Maybe some oldies remember that name! After the awesome grinderscape experience I started to play Rust (steam game). Which is a survival game. I became administrator of a server over 3000 unique players with alot of responsibilities. Feel free to PM me for extra information about this. Somehow I heared grinderscape was in beta and was imidiatly excited to become part of the grinderscape community again. Loved to be part of the beta and report the major bugs sometimes. Luckily we now have a decent version of the game we all enjoy at the moment! I'm mainly a pvmer and fashionscaper. Thanks for reading my introduction and maybe see you in game sometime! Kind regards, Mark
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    Faker This thread is closed
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    I would greatly appreciate it that whenever I choose to type the ::AFK command it doesn't scream profanities at everyone around me.
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    Hello Grinderscape Community, Today I'm happy to release my 2nd update within this month! * Templates I've added to applications. (Some might sections won't show as they need to be accepted, will be fixed by the morning.) - Graphic Designer Application Section and Template fixed. - YouTuber Application Template fixed. I've also added 2 new small sections attached to "Greetings" which is. - Holiday & Breaks - Introduction *Ranks. Graphic Designer Manager; Daxx - I'll be the Graphic Designer Manager for now until we find someone who is worth the promotion and who is wanting to take the position but for the time being it will be me. Co-Owner; We've decided to change the rank "Co-Owner" around a bit and split it up. There will now be a In-game Co-owner and a Forum Co-owner, it's pretty simple, the Forum co-owner WON'T have any permissions In-game and the In-game Co-owner won't have any permissions on the Forums. Lou hasn't decided on who will be the In-game Co-owner for now but I will be the Forums Co-owner. Middleman Team & Trading Rsgp; Just going to make it a bit clear, I believe the Middleman Application is currently open and they're looking for people to apply for the rank, you can do so by simply clicking HERE. ATM as you may realise, Rsgp trading is NOT allowed for the time being until the Eco is stable. There will be a announcement to once we allow Rsgp trading. (Mentioned it because people kept on being asked about when it will be allowed.) Remember to read the "Read before applying" just before you apply to become a OMM! (Official Middleman) You can read it by clicking HERE. *Wiki Thought I should just let you all know that the Wiki is about 90% completed which is amazing and I'd like to thank the Wiki Editors for putting in a lot of effort towards the Wiki and making it accurate. Thanks for reading, Daxx
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    More special ranks I see. Definitely don't agree with this
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    I'll be honest, the Bm shop in general has never been my favorite. I do think we need to add some other ways to get Bm, and some more items should be taken out (make it a pk only store)
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    Hey there folks, Today I am happy to announce the first Grinderscape event which will be a massive drop party to everyone. It will help players to get some items, and will also influence the trading on the server. The drop party will be held on 7-16-2018 after the server update within 0-3 hours on 10:00 PM GMT +0 Here is a hint of some of the items that will be dropped. Note: The quantities will not be the same, and this is just a preview of what items are going to be dropped. It doesn't mean that every single item will be dropped. It is just a picture of expression. Hope to see you there
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    sounds like boosting to me
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    Aww thanks man <3 you're the beast one.. ily man <3
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    Ive noticed Ive aged in a way thats lead to me having a more serious personality. I support everything you have said, and my behavior can have it's pros, and it's cons. I'm kind of a carefree person, but I dont like people who attempt to get the best of me because it seems embarrassing. I'll work on it though, and I can appreciate it
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    Thanks for the reports Anz! Hope they get fixed asap, some are really annoying.
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    As the title says i've started a little "LowLife" series, my goal is to achieve 99 in a combat stat with 10hp. I will explain afterwards how i did to achieve 99 in that stat with just 10 hp and rest of the combat stats being 1. I will edit this thread with all my succesful attempts and my fails or if i simply can't achieve 99 in that combat skill without getting health exp. So please feel free to follow this thread if you're intrested in my methods and want to follow my achievements atm. 99 Magic | 10 Hitpoints Explanation: Pretty simple method. First i thieved to get up my cash to be able to buy runes. i focused on Nature Rune and runes that are used to cast Curses/Binds etc. I threw a Wind Strike to get 3 Magic. I noticed that this might take some attempts because if you hit a 2 you get enough Hitpoints to level up a hitpoint level. If you hit a 1 or a 0 you're good to go. Once you're lvl 3 Magic or higher with 10hp you cast Confuse till you're able to use Low Level Alchemy. Then simple use Low level alchemy till you can use High Level Alchemy then just alch until you hit 99 Magic. 99 Defence | 10 Hitpoints Explanation: Revealed once i hit 99 Defence, i hit the imp at Edgeville which gave me 6 Strength so i'll use a Reset lamp to get rid of that issue.
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    Hey, it's me. You guys might me remember from old Grinder as Filthycorpse. Probably not though. Hopefully not, I was a bit of a dick. Still am, I guess. Pic related; it's me. Well... ...Yeah. There it is. I'm back. Peace.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm an England timezone so may be it. Also PC was down last 3 days so couldn't get on :( back to normal from now :)
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    Thanks for the feedback mate!