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    I am speaking for not only me, but all the players currently playing.. We have a select few staff members that are on daily that help in all shapes and forms, then we have staff that log in on the odd occasion, and don't really do anything to help the players we have in game. There are staff members that, in all honesty go above and beyond in helping the server and players grow, but there are also certain staff that just log in and don't tend to do anything but AFK. numerous occasions there have been incidents that have needed resolving which in turn other players have had to pm some staff via discord to log in and resolve, when other staff have been just online sitting there not responding etc. this is not a dig at any staff, i know we all have lives to live. just wanted to put it out there as many players have been complaining. Zod On every day and in all honesty go above and beyond what he should do. dreammzz again another one on daily, always available on disc if needed Blake rarely on, doesn't tend to help as much as he could do when on, (i know we all have lives to live) Lisa when on is amazing help (i know we have lives to live) Barry again, dont really see online. does try to help in anyway when he is. (i know we have lives to live) Number 1 never on, if and when he does come on doesn't tend to do alot (i know we have lives to live) this is in no way shape or form a dig at any staff member, this is just what is going through players minds. would love to see it resolved i honestly would as you are all good people. A lot of players have been moaning about this recently so thought i would just put it out there for everyone to discuss.
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed desert shirt equipment bug. - Changed 100 JAD kills achievement from 35M GP to 25k tokkuls. - Announcement added when someone teleports to the wilderness boss event. - Wilderness boss event blood money increased to 15,000! - You no longer need coal to make bars with mithril ores. - Slayer task count reduced for some NPCs by up to 25%! - Alch will now give increased value for items by almost double the value. - Reduced the speed you can farm XP from hunter traps, and added random event to prevent botting. - Fixed thammaron's sceptre bug & nerfed the spell damage by 26%! - Rebuffed dragon claw's accuracy on special attack by 12%! - Fixed wilderness resource area teleport to proper location from spell book. - Ancient wyvern shield and Dragonfire ward now count as protection from dragon's fire. - Reworked tutorial system and fixed all the bugs that were found. - Fixed Jubbly bird typo. - Green banner can now be equipped properly. - Typo fix with message for player receiving rare drop of 100 dragon dart instead of 100 dragon darts. (Applies to all items) - Updated ::benefits command, and few other command tweaks. - Running up to objects with new system to calculate proper distance, and walking bug fixes. - Clipping fix for home area. - Added a system to support un-loseable items such as the ironman armour: * Item's cannot be dropped. * Item's cannot be lost on death. * Item's cannot be gambled or staked. * Item's cannot be emptied on Ironman. - Nerfed Twisted bow damage in the wilderness by 18%! - Fixed highest killstreak increasing over the killstreak. - Removed many items announcements from the rare drop system. - Achievements that are in progress will now show in yellow color. - Increased Indigo's whip & Dragon's whip strength bonuses by 10%! - Fixed stuck accounts in the wilderness, your account will automatically log out after 180 seconds. - Fixed Overload potion drinking, now it will no longer bug with Herblore level requirement. - Fixed a bug where it showed you went offline in private chat when you delete someone off the list. - You can now use dragon bolts with ACB! - Fixed a bug in the ranged skill interface, and optimized the system to support more features. - Mystery box announcements on rare items. - Updated master casket's rewards list. - Fixed over 15 broken ladders and stairs. - Participation points now give the double amount of blood money. - Over 20 typo fixes that were reported by players. - Slayer tasks amount re-optimized based on the task difficulty. - Drop announcements will no longer announce non rare items. - Updated donator's benefit command and interface. - Fully fixed the Global moderator's rank with all the commands and privileges. - You will no longer disconnect in the wilderness while being AFK! - Tutorial system has been redone and completely fixed from all reported bugs. - Tons of combat fixes and optimizations, you should be able to feel a significant change in the combat system overall. - Fixed emotes and special attacks for ghrazi rapier, Scythe of Vitur, Statius Warhammer, vesta's spear, and vesta's longsword. - Fixed kree'arra possibly, need more testing. - Fixed a bug where you did not lose items on death in some locations. - It is now darker in the god wars zamorak boss chamber. - Clan chat maximum size has been increased to fit up to 200 players. - Clan wars now teleport you to the proper location, minigame to be coming soon. - Rune crossbow has been nerfed a bit. - Black knight titan upgrades and enhancements. - The untouchable safe spotting issue will no longer happen. - Dropping max cash will no longer disappear on the floor. - Skills can now peak up to 250M total experience with timestamps for who maxed the skill first. - Skill rewards will now show the player's rank in the server announcements. - Your account will automatically log out while AFK in the wilderness, and will no longer get stuck. - Auto retaliate bug has been fixed. - It now displays a message in the chatbox when the gambling space is full. - You will no longer lose items when removing or adding items to the gambling interface. - Dropping your barrows items will break, looting bag will make all items disappear in the bag, and dropping your clue scroll will reset the task. - Fixed Hunger minigame event giving a lot of participation points. - Fixed wilderness boss spam announcing when someone teleports there. - You will no longer get a clue scroll drop if you have one of the same type. - Fixed over 35 clue scrolls bugs. - Fixed a bug when being you had no inventory or bank space for leveling a skill or reaching a certain XP reward. It will now be dropped under you. - You will now get double the value of high alching items, compared to the old values. - Fixed rune dart (p) and dragon arrows (p++) - You can now use dragon javelin p++ with the heavy ballista. - Dragon arrows (p++) and dragon javelin (p++) will have a venom effect instead of super poison. - You will no longer lose items from rune pouch upon logging. Content: - Blackjack Dicing Option: * Complete interface with real blackjack gambling. * Supports stand/hit methods. * Completely fair system! - Party Drop Chest: * COMING SOON - Bank Pin System: * Dialogue for Security Guard. * PIN will be required when opening bank in anyway "Only have to do once after login". * Can reset/add a PIN from the security guard "You will be prompted to enter your current PIN if you try to reset". * Security Guard spawned in Edgeville bank south wall. * Ability to remove your bank PIN by talking to security guard. * The bank PIN can only be reset or removed if you enter the correct PIN number. - Vorkath Boss Addition: NOTE: THE BOSS IS VERY HARD, SO TRY IT BEFORE SAYING YOU DIED AND LOST YOUR ITEMS * New teleport! * Completely instanced boss. * All of Vorkath's attack strategies. * Great drops has been added. * Can be killed as a blue dragon slayer task. * Zombified Spawn support. * Acid Pools. * Dragonfire attacks. * Prayer disabling. * Fireball attack. * Freezing attack. * Vorkath pet added with full dialogue support. - Drop Table Now Suggests Names. - Global Moderator Rank: * Fully functional rank. * Has different command powers. * Ability to choose when eligible from the rank chooser. - Achievement Progress & Completion tracking. - Inferno Basic Functionality Implemented. - Wilderness Warning: * Wilderness warning will now appear when you try to enter the wilderness. - New Hydra Boss: NOTE: THE BOSS IS VERY HARD, SO TRY IT BEFORE SAYING YOU DIED AND LOST YOUR ITEMS * New teleport! * Completely instanced boss. * Tons of new systems and methods has been added to the server which is used to create a perfect Hydra boss. * All the correct stats for Hydra such as attack distancing, combat defence for all types, and the attacks * Hydra's fire attack. * Firewall attack. * 4 different phases perfectly added. * Electrical stunning attack. * Hydra vent's support. * New item drops! * Requires 95 slayer to slay. - Regular Hydra's Area Has Also Been Added With New Teleport! - Clue Scroll System: * Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite clue scroll support. * Anagrams types of clues. * Maps types of clues. * Puzzles types of clues. * Cryptic types of clues. * Emote tasks. * Dig tasks. * Over 100 new items as a reward. * Each clue has unique rewards. * Scanning locations support! * Over 140 different tasks! - Doors System Support: * A complete new system to support all types of doors. * Single & Double door support. * Force Open/Close door support. * All gates support. * Will be used for quest base later, temporarily disabled for now. - 6 New Region's Music. - 5 New Boss Contract Bosses! - Useful Links & Client Options Navigation. - Drawers, Boxes, Crates, and Hay bales searching system. - Wilderness Boss Changes: * 4 new wilderness bosses. * Spawns once every 90 minutes. * Fixed the mass spam messages. * Slay the boss for 15,00 blood money. - New Jungle Demon Area! - Voting Tickets: * You will get voting tickets when redeeming votes. * The tickets can be traded to other players. - Completely Modified The Drops System Formula: * It will be intermediate to hard to receive a rare drop from normal NPC's. * Bosses will have an easy to intermediate chance of dropping a rare item. However, it depends on the type and rarity of the item. You will see the difference in-game. - Added Support For All Types Of Ammunitions: * Darts (p, p+, p++) * Knives (p, p+, p++) * Javelins (p, p+, p++) * Bolts (p, p+, p++) * Arrows (p, p+, p++) * Support for ice arrows - Over 13 New Game Announcements Has Been Added. - New Account Security System: * A bank PIN must be available on the account for the system to work. The first time you log in to your account, your current IP address will be whitelisted. What this means is, whenever someone logins to your account from a new IP address, all the actions on the account will be blocked with a prompt to enter your bank PIN. Failure to enter the correct PIN for 10 tries will cause the account to get permanently locked until the further check from staff to verify you are the real account owner. A new section on the forums has been opened to deal with such issues. This should secure your account. Remember not to use the same password on different websites, games, and always keep it unique as some people try to take advantage of leaked databases to steal your password on different places. - Achievement System: * Tasks that has already been started will show up as yellow color in the quest tab. * A new interface will pop up on the screen when you finish an achievement. * Achievement progress system has been added. - Game Mode Chooser: * You can now choose your game mode from 5 different modes. * Ironman game mode: You will not be eligible to trade, duel, gamble, use various shops, use the lottery, benefit from in-game command trivia, share monsters kill for loot, and other in-game restrictions. You get a unique rank icon with complete new high scores to compete on. * Hardcore ironman: All the restrictions for Ironman with additions that you only have one life, if you die it will cause your account to be converted into regular ironman. * Ultimate Ironman: The ultimate hardest gameplay mode. All the restrictions on ironman, with the addition you cannot bank, buy most of the shops items, receive achievement rewards, and some minor other restrictions. * Classic: This is a unique game mode that has all the exact same features of a normal player, but with addition to a unique rank and high scores. Classic players get 1/3 the default experience, however they get 50% extra blood money from PK rewards and they have almost the double chance of getting a rare drop from bosses than normal players. Some more features will be added in the future. - New Distance & Clipping System: * The running to objects system has been redone. * You now properly use objects with proper distances such as using stalls from a far distance. - New Cache Support: * We have updated our cache to support a lot of new features. * New Maps! * New Objects! * Over 350 new usable items. * Over 220 new monsters. * Over 6 new bosses to be added in the future. - Adamant & Rune Dragons Zone: * New teleport! * Drops the ultimate dragon godsword (almost 10% better than armadyl godsword) * New drops! * Completely challenging! - Dragonfire Shield Support: * Ability to charge your DFS up to 20 charges! * Unleash a new dragon attack to your enemies. * Support for Dragonfire ward, and wyvern shield. - Degradation System & Item's Integrities: * A completely new system for degrading items. * Custom new items that can be used in combat for 30 minutes before degrading. * Barrows now degrade after being used in combat for about 3 hours. * New items: Dark bow (c), Abyssal whip (c), spirit shield's (c), twisted bow (c) & much more can be found spread in the shops. These items will last in combat for 30 minutes and expire. * You can examine/operate the items for more. - Ring Upgrading System: * You can now upgrade your combat rings by talking to perdu * You can dis-enchant your ring. * Payment varies depending on the ring type. * When you die with an enchanted ring it will become un-enchanted. - OSRS Tokens Exchange System: * New store with a complete dialogue to explain how the mechanism works. * Buys items that are displayed in his shop for 1/3 their offered price. For example, Twisted bow sells for 900m and will be bought from you 300m quick cash. * Sells OSRS tokens for 600m cash each. * OSRS tokens can be traded to other players or you can make a thread on forums with how many tokens you want to exchange and a staff member will contact you to make an appointment to trade the tokens for OSRS GP. 1 token = 1M OSRS - New Items Added: * Clown set * Collection's log * Star-face * Tree set * Candy Cane * Hydra bones /w full support * Dragon knifes * Hydra's Claw * Hydra's Eye * Hydra's Heart * Hydra's Fang * Guardian Boots * Brimstone Ring * Dragon hunter's lance * Ferocious gloves * Bonecrusher necklace * Hydra's tale * Bruma torch * Warm gloves * Runefest shield * Drakan's medallion * Armadyl d'hide and robes set * Bandos d'hide and robes set * Zaros Mjolnir * Mystic (dusk) set * Event RPG * Ale of the gods * Boxing gloves /w effects * Banshee's set * Giant present * Large spade * Nunchaku * Black (p) set * Gilded Santa hat * Azure Santa hat * Pimpz Santa hat * Fushia Santa hat * Orange H'ween mask * Camo party hat * Purple H'ween mask * Killer's knife * Heavy casket * Stale baguette * Heavy casket * Holy water * Evil chicken set * Black tourmaline core * Boots of brimstone * Devout boots * Boots of stone * Cattleprod * Giant carp (heals +30) * Pedant of Lucien * Citizen set * Mourner set * Beads of the deed * Fremennik sea boots 1-4 * Bucket Helm * Red elegant blouse * Green elegant blouse * Arceus scarf * Fancy tiara * Bowl wig * Half-moon spectacles * Comp bows + support * Musketeer's set * & Much more!
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed Twisted bow (c) and Dark bow (c) giving strength experience. - Fixed Donator's bond not able to be redeemed. - Fixed invisible items dropping from Vorkath. - Ironman and Hardcore ironman can now set up a bank PIN. - Ultimate Ironman can use items on the bank to note and unnote items. - Item's on death bug causing all items to be lost is now fixed. - Ultimate Ironman can now use the empty command! - Optimized the rare drop item's formula. - Fixed wilderness agility rope. - Fixed a bug where you could not use a special attack on Vorkath. - You can no longer noclip to Hydra boss. - Now Hydra's boss will be instanced. - Fixed Eternal glory operate issue, same for many other items. - Fixed Wilderness resource gate noclipping issue. - Added more bolts in ranged store, and allowed ironmans to be able to buy it. - Brimstone key can be found from RDT drops. - Added noted herbs in herblore store. - You can now buy voting tickets from the voting store with your current voting points. - Completing a slayer task on UIM will now add the reward in your inventory if you have enough space, otherwise, it will be dropped under the player. - The server now supports case sensitive passwords. So you can set your password as "CaPiTalz" instead of "capitalz". - Added more bolts in ranged store. - You can now combine Hydra's eye, fang, and heart to create the Brimstone ring. - Fixed Zogre bones alch value. - You can now reach the Ogre camp. - Ice troll king area is no longer multi. - Fixed a lot of Clue scroll places that you could not reach or that did not work. - Reduced the rate where a big fish attacks and takes your fishing net. - Fixed donations on ironman game modes. - All items that should be transferred to bank on UIM will now be dropped under. - Added more NPC spawns for clue scrolls. - West Ardougne teleport added in cities teleport. - Nerfed broad arrows 40%! - Fixed entrance to Alchemical Hydra's boss! - Fixed combining Zamorak cape with max cape issues. - Fixed Banshee equipping. - Fixed opening banks without prompt to enter bank PIN when talking bankers issue. - Added tiaras and unenchanted amulets in stores. - Bandos godsword now drains 50% of special attack instead of 100%! - Ava's assembler now gives +5 ranged strength bonus. - Ultimate Ironman can now benefit from the command trivia event and achievement rewards. - You can now consume Ugethanki kebab and super kebab. - Level 18 zombies in Edgeville Dungeon have 1 hp issue fixed. - Fixed Chop Chop and some other achievement tasks. - Fixed platinum tokens exchange bug causing players to lose money. - Possibly fixed an issue with deadlock causing server to freeze. - Fixed barrows effects not working after degrading. - Reduced OSRS tokens price rate from 600m to 350m per token. - Fixed some bank booth's not working. - Added imbued god capes from hard clues reward. - Fixed Calisto safe spot area. - Fixed Light and Dark infinity hat & top equipment appearance. - Fixed Ice troll King issue. - Corp pet has been added to corp, and it is tradeable. - Fixed a game mode selection issue. - Fixed heavy casket with proper animations & equipment. - Nerfed dark bow special attack by up to 28%! - Fixed double death count when dying in pvp bug. - Fixed clue scroll question type. Content: - Pathing and Walking System Redone: * Completely rewritten the combat pathing system. * NPC collision system redone from scratch. * Overall combat should be much better. - Brimstone Chest: * Can be found near Alchemical Hydra's entrance. * Brimstone Keys are stackable. * Rewards varies from skilling to rare items. - Barrows Repair Enhancement: * Redone the whole system for barrows repair. * Fully functional with complete dialogue system. * Fancy screen interface for barrows repairing. P.S: More fixes to come soon!
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    Hello, This is a thread on the player Zod reaching in-game Admin! Congratulations with everything you're doing for the Server and community, Totally deserved! Best,
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    Ladies and Gents I just want to say a few things about the community and the game. We have come a long way since the launch of new Grinderscape and it couldn't have been possible without the commitment of all of you. I'm grateful to have made fantastic friends with you all. Grinderscape has come an extremely long way in this short period of time and the two people to thank for that are Lou and Zod. They work almost around the clock to find bugs and as well as code new content. Our staff team has been extremely vigilant ingame and on the forums. I am thankful to have a good relationship with all of the staff and I am glad that I can help in any way possible. Thanks to everyone for being respectful to the staff as they do deal with a lot. I just want to say, get ready for the future of grinderscape because it is going to be greater than ever. Thanks again to all of our supporters. We all appreciate you.
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    Welcome to another boss guide, I've been asked a lot to make a Mutant Tarn guide. So here it is! The boss is able to hit you for 99+ if you don't watch out, so take a good look at this guide to avoid dying. At the end you'll find a video to see an example of how Mutant Tarn gets killed and some tips! Teleport to Mutant Tarn can be found under 'Boss Teleport'! - Max melee stats recommended! - Non- donators need 15 killcount to enter! - Donators need 5 killcount to enter! The killcount can be achieved by killing Hellhounds/Hobgoblins/Troll spectators which are at the teleport spot. INVENTORY: it should look something like this PRAYER: ARMOUR: NOTE: VOID HAS TO BE FULLY EQUIPPED IF YOU CHOOSE FOR THAT - Eternal Glory > Amulet of Madness > Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Fury - Vesta's set > Full elite void set (melee) > Bandos set - Primordial boots > Dragon boots - Serpentine helm > Berserker helm - Infernal cape > Fire cape - Ghrazi rapier (attack style: lunge) > Gold whip > Tentacle whip Make sure you use a Dragonfire shield aswell as a Ring of Wealth! You'll need good armour to defeat this boss. ATTACKS: The only attack that requires action is when the tiles on the floor change to red! WARNING: DO NOT STAND ON THOSE TILES, OTHERWISE YOU TAKE A LOT OF DAMAGE AND HE CAN COMBO YOU OUT! Tips: - Make sure to keep above 80 HP at all times to avoid being KO'ed; - Use lunge (stab) with a Ghrazi rapier instead of Slash; - Always bring a Dragon Dagger as it speeds up your kill. Video:
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    It has come to the time where I must unfortunately resign from my Administrator's position. I have little to no time free, barely at home & when i am at home, Grinderscape is the last thing on my mind. Thank you @Lou Grinder for the opportunity you have given me, It has been a wild ride for sure. You may see me occasionally in-game from time to time, but until then: Take care & Goodbye. - Kaz
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    It's done. (No tomes used) PS: Lou, feel free to add more xp
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    In-game Name(s): Surgeon Age: 21 Timezone: +1 GMT Will you be active?: Yes, I’m an active player! How much do you usually play per day?: Depending on my uni schedule I try to play a few hours a day. During weekend this may be more. All in all, I think I’m active enough. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I am very friendly towards everyone in the community. Also I am mature enough to play as an Official Middleman. On top of that, the community gives me a lot of joy playing Grinderscape. All this makes me want to give back to the communiry, thus I have enough motivation. Any other information: I’m looking forward to aiding the community in every way, if I get chosen of course. Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to read (and discuss) my application.
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    Hello, This is an official thread to announce the promotion of the player Lew to the Server supporter's rank! Great abilities by Lew such as being very eager, smart, creative, and active! Lew has shown great effort in the server activity which makes him eligible for the rank! Congratulations!
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    Hi everyone, I am here to congratulate Lisa for being promoted from Server Supporter's rank to a Moderator's rank, and Dreamzz to be promoted to the Server Supporter's rank. Both of the players have shown a professional activity on the server by helping a lot of players, being active most of the time, and interacting with the community on forums. Best of luck for all!
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    Claws are extremely underpowered now... anyone who has used them has surely noticed, and there's been lot's of talk in the community about the claws being weak. I'm consistently tagging 0-4s on very low level monsters with spec. this is also impacting their price, as they are so weak atm. please consider
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    Hey Grinderscapers! So I've decided to bring back one familiar event we've had in the past. Basicly, you trade any in-game staff member and give him the amount you want to enter with and your name will be added to our list (random number will be chosen). You can enter up to 3 tickets per Lottery. The rewards will be based on the entry tickets (A big part of it will be given) with some additional items You can start entering at 6 PM UK time, the Entry to the lottery costs 10 million per ticket, so up to 30 million.
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    Hello friends, In this thread I will teach you guys something about Vorkath. Over the past few days I've seen a lot of people struggle to kill the boss. So I've made a quick video on a Vorkath kill. At the end you'll find a video to see an example of how Vorkath gets killed! Teleport to Vorkath can be found under 'Boss Teleport'! INVENTORY: it should look something like this PRAYER: MAKE SURE YOU SET IT UP AS QUICK PRAYERS! If you don't have Rigour: Eagle Eye will do just fine! ARMOUR: NOTE: - Eternal Glory > Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory - Dragon arrows > Broad arrows - Elite void set > Armadyl set > Black dragonhide - Pegasian boots > Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots - Twisted Bow > Dragonhunter crossbow + Dragon fireshield (DFS) > Armadyl/Rune crossbow + DFS When using a crossbow, make sure you get Ruby bolts (e) for the first 50% of Vorkath, the rest of his health with Dragonstone bolts (e) ATTACKS: Green magic spell: for this you've used your Antidote++, so NOTHING Purple magic spell: click on your QUICK PRAYERS as this attack turns your prayers off! Blue cannonball and other weird looking ball: just tank the attack, NOTHING Freeze: KILL the little MINION that Vorkath spawns, with your bow Green poison on ground: Keep SPAMCLICKING all around you (not on the poison), so you evade Vorkath's attacks RED CANNONBALL: Whenever you see this attack, MAKE SURE TO STEP 2-3 TILES AWAY! Warning: it can hit up to 99 when you get hit! VIDEO:
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    Hey. Just wanted to tell you guys that i'm going to resign/quit. The reason behind it is simple. I'm not motivated to log into gs anymore... Yet alone, be a staff member. Spring is finally here and my free time goes into other stuff. It's been a cool 7 months and i'm grateful for it. I'm sure that i will hop on every now and then to check how's the server doing. Thanks for the staff team for giving me the opportunity. Anyway.. good luck everyone and take care ❤. Signing off. -Blake
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    Great fixes, thanks to the development team/Lou and the testers.
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    Hi, So I'm back with an update. These are 2 npc's because why not. These were the 2 npc's: 1. Waterfiends So only 1 drop though (aside from the usual shit): mist battlestaff 2. Iron dragons: The drops: Here's the proof for the non-believers: Alright, that's about it for the second part. Thanks for checking it out!
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    After looking at this thread, I have made some plans to redo the whole staff team. However, I have to finish a few things before working on my plans and that is how it goes. 1) I will finish the major changes on the server that will significantly improve the gameplay. 2) Fix minor and major bugs on the server. 3) Focus on advertisements to bring new player base. After that, it will be time to work on new systems that will radically change how we manage staff and all that, and here is how. We will have a system on the website which will allow players to appeal for any types of sanctions. The player will be able to see basic information such as the reason, date of sanction, done by, and the duration, and any staff member will be able to reply on that and decide the favor just like how a thread works. There will also be a system to track staff activity, time zones, tickets finished, and many other details that will help us improve our support.
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    Hello Ironman noobs, Welcome to the Official Ironman Clan Chat! The aim for this clan is for all of you Ironman noobs (Experienced & Non-Experienced) players to enjoy themselves and help each other out. In the past, the old Ironman Clan Chat was extremely successful because it made the game a lot easier and more enjoyable due to having our own clan chat! This clan will be opened for ALL Ironmans, Hardcore Ironmans and Ultimate Ironmans. To Join the clan In-game, Enter "Irons" Reason towards why you should become an Ironman or Join the Clan Chat? - Being an Ironman is enjoyable and keeps you motivated. - Stops your gambling addictions. - Actually makes you experience the game and it updates your knowledge on RSPS and Rs in general about the games. - Good to play on your own while chatting to other Ironmans in the clan. - Having Ironman contests on who can be the best Ironman. The ranks in the Clan Chat will be given based on your activity as an Ironman and how well you assist other un-experienced Ironmans In-game and elsewhere. Owner - Government Co-Owner - Iron Khaotic Captain - XXXX Lieutenant - XXXX Sergeant - XXXX Corporal - XXXX Recruit - XXXX Feel free to also join our Forums Club here >>
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    Grinderscape outfit competition! Hello people of Grinderscape and welcome to a Grinderscape outfit competition! This event will be held this friday (29/03/2019) in-game around 8pm GMT+0! You will be given a 30 minute warning to get dressed up and show me what you got!! This outfit competition will consist of TWO categories; 1) Skill and Chill 2) Weird and Wonderful Here are the rules! Rules; 1) ONE entry for each category is allowed per person. 2) Make sure you turn up before the event start time. 3) Anyone caught editing/changing their look before i judge will be disqualified. 4) you must use a different outfit for each category otherwise you will be skipped. you'll be judges on the follow; 1)Creativity 2)Combination of items (how well they all go together). Prizes for both are as follows; 1st: 10 mystery boxes 2nd: 6 mystery boxes 3rd: 4 mystery boxes You can only be awarded one position (depends on the amount of entries). Enjoy!!
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    Okay so with ancients being the meta i thought it would be quite nice to actually have a fully functioning and competitive normal spellbook as should be intended. I for one as well as others i know would like to swap it up and use normal spells however it isnt actually viable at all. For the spellbook itself having fully functioning God Spell: Zammy, Sara, Guthix would be a minuscule start but would have to be coupled with their respected staffs for use - There are exceptions to this of course as in the staff of the dead and its toxic variant counting as a zammy staff for flames of zamorak, the staff of light counting as a saradomin staff for saradomin strike, and the void knight mace (if added) To count as the staff for Claws of Guthix. Of course with this said relevant damage increases will need to be changed too. kodia being the meta allows for autocasting of ancients and this should be reflected with the listed staffs autocasting their respected spells and only these. At the same time kodai wands damage is much above the SoL and TSoTD. All 3 should have the same damage modifiers as is intended and active on osrs to make a variable playstyle viable in the slightest way. Whilst we're on the damage modifications i think it is also relevant to mention that for the godspells to work as intended and to be competetive in any way you would need to activate the charge spell as currently cannot be cast and would need to buff the damage of all 3 god spells by its intended 50% for 5 minutes. Side note if these fixes are being put into play it might be worth adding the venom effect to the toxic staff of the dead on successful spell cast or if this hasnt been coded a posion effect would suffice. Finally and still as important as the others we need the combination runes to work as intended. Currently using them for spells provides the error : you do not have the required items for this spell despite it registering them and highlighting the spell up. As follows are the ones available and should be added/fixed in game asap: Mist Rune - Air and Water Dust Rune - Air and Earth Mud Rune - Water and Earth Smoke - Air and Fire Steam - Fire and Water Lava - Earth and Fire How it should work would be for example casting Entangle - Requiring 4 nature runes and 5 water + 5 earth. This would be replaced with 4 natures and 5 mud runes as the mud rune counts for both in 1 rune and is how this works in osrs. However i guess with the cheap price of the runes it would matter if it consumed 10 instead of 5 if its difficult to code! (Quick edit as i forgot - Can you add the damage modifier to the new imbued god capes too? It should give a 2% damage boost over its unimbued counterpart and i would love to see this effect take change. I have managed to get my hands on one and was sadly disappointed to find it doesnt add any damage buffs at all.. even if it only adds +1 or +2 to the max hit its the key component that separates it from the unimbued version and as it stands does not make risking the cape in pvp or even purchasing it worth the gold invested)(Side Side note.. It doesnt combine with the max cape like the unimbued version does, Please fix this too). Many thanks, D
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    In-game Name(s): Fishy, Classic. Age: 25. Timezone: Eastern USA New York. Will you be active?: Yes i am Close to 50 hours a week. How much do you usually play per day?: 6 - 24 hours a day depends on the day. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: this game motivate's me daily which constantly gives me the willpower to help others in need my brain use's the term become number one on grinderscape as a alternative function since 2012 is when i started playing this game an i don't plan on throwing in the towl soon i wish to help the community an embrace its needs in every way possible my patience is unreal with everyone in this game at least toward's some of its typical everyday content i strive to make this a better community a better home for all of us much more there shouldn't be allowed any scammers in dice in game so there should always be an middleman to take an opportunity to help others an make it a better community thank you!. Any other information: I did the biggest trust trade with tbow with his whole bank as the picture is below don't even know him from the get go anywhere just met him i Middleman some trades between dicers while tbow an dreamzz where watching me middleman 500 million+ bets that's all i have for now but it will only let me upload one picture sadly is what the limit said on the web page so i cannot upload all my info but to whomever it concerns i will send you some more pictures of me middleman for others pm me on discord Fishy#9081.
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    You were one of the first staff members i spoke to when returning to Grinderscape and someone who inspired me to get to my current position, for this i will always have respect and love you for dude! I'll shed a tear for you tonight and hope we will speak again in the future! Good luck and keep your chin up lad!
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    Project ‘Fix GrinderScape’ First thing is first – PvP So far, everything about PvP is broken, the list below will point out as many as I can find, and solutions to them underneath. 1. Freeze timers, at the moment, you can freeze someone and run out of the view of that player and still be frozen. - This can be easily fixed, by doing the exact same thing as OSRS, once a player gets a certain number of tiles away from the frozen target, the freeze is lifted, at the moment it is so easy to get away, all you have to do is catch 1 freeze and run. 2. When equipping a staff, or magic weapon, you automatically run towards the target you’re fighting, as if you have auto retaliate on (Which I never do) - Just copy OSRS or another servers PvP script if you have to. 3. Unable to teleport with teletabs while frozen - This is the single most stupid annoying mechanic I’ve ever had to play alongside. Fix it for the love of god. 4. Kodai wand hitting 40s through prayer - Since the mechanic that bosses could hit through prayer, I think that totally fucked PvP, now you can hit through prayer, just like bosses, even harder. Either make it so bosses don’t hit through prayer, or physically change the boss’s mechanics, don’t put it as a global mechanic, now PvP is just broken. 5. TeleBlock XP drops - Easiest fix just copy OSRS script, or another servers that already has 6. Hit Predictor - Most servers have this nowadays, makes PvP more enjoyable, rather than XP drops 7. Item protection - I don’t know how this fucks up, but it did. How can you only protect untradeables, yet they still break? Sick of losing big +1’s due to this bug 8. Fix and Balance all weapons and armor - If you have to, recode the whole lot, everything is completely broken, MSB hits better than a RCB, Kodai overpowered, Void fucking stupidly broken (1 helm switch, and its best gear in-game) Dark bow, Dragon spear special attack, Ancient mace special attack, and so many more. 9. Spellbook home teleport - Either fix tabs, or allow us to teleport out of combat with the Home teleport 10. PJ Timers - The pjing system is broke, you can literally spam click someone that is actively taking damage and still PJ it, you can PJ a player off of a boss…. 11. Teleport over 20 Wilderness - Either fix glory, or give Eternal Glory same stats as regular glory, but the ability to teleport out of 20-30 wilderness PvM 1. Again, PJ timers - You can PJ NPC’s, once again 2. Broken bosses/Item loss - Fix items lost on death when dying at some bosses. The brokenly strong bosses. 3. Gambling 1. Anti-Scam - We need ANTI-SCAM gambling!!! Cannot stress this enough, people will not bother if they have the chance of being scammed. - Juicy 0range/Classy0range/Juicy Orange
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    Then its sorted out
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    You can keep the bones, this bug should be auto-fixed on next update.
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    What do you guys think about getting back Shooting Stars so we can make mining skill more enjoyable to train? In my opinion, mining & agility are the worst skills to train in-game at the moment & we all know they actually can be very enjoyable! Put your suggestions up if you're in, if not leave my suggestion alone !
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    Next goal is 100 Dragon Godswords without buying any.
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    Hi! So I've been wanting to do this idea for some time but had to get the right motivation for doing it. The idea is: clearing the mobs. Meaning killing every single npc ingame untill I get all of the (good) drops; then move on to the next one. I'll make update threads whenever I completed a goal. So this thread is dedicated to my first goal: These are all of his good drops (that I know off): (made the hasta already into the lance... srry.. here's proof of me getting the hasta) : So yeah, I'm not sure on what NPC I should do next, but I'll pick one eventually! Hoping this gets good reviews; wanna make a series. Thanks for checking it out!
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    *cough*, You know the drill.
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    In-game Name(s): Fiq Age: 19 Timezone: GMT +1 Will you be active?: Yes How much do you usually play per day?: I usually play around 2 hours a day on weekdays and on weekends around 6-10 hours a day depending on my circumstances. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I believe I deserve to be part of the Official Middle Man group as I am well respected and trusted by the community, as well as members of staff. I am also very reliable. Any other information:
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    In-game Name(s): Daxx Age: 18 Timezone: GMT+10 Will you be active?: Yes of course. How much do you usually play per day?: I usually play around 5 hours+ a day and on weekends around 10 hours or maybe more depending on what I'm doing. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I believe I deserve to be accepted into the Official Middleman Team because I know what's required for the rank and what's expected of you when holding this rank. I've had years of previous experience within the Middleman Team so I know what I'm doing. Any other information: Having me on the team will be extremely helpful towards the community as there aren't many Staff members or OMM's on around in my timezone, whenever I'm on there's normally nobody online apart from just regular members... I believe with my knowledge of the game and my knowledge about the OMM Role will help out the Grinderscape community a lot and it'll make Grinderscape a better place. Thank you for reading my OMM Application.
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    Hi I came back to check in on this server and it is still riddled with announcement spam? Like, in the past 5 minutes I do not care about the following: - Someone won an afro from thieving - Someone killed Zulrah - Someone got some points for a daily login - Someone got some money from a thieving task - Someone got some points from a thieving task - Someone recieved 4 participation points from thieving???? - Someone got a rare drop from a Werewolf? Like honestly what is this, announcementscape? Turn them ALL OFF or at least cut down on them because right now it just looks insanely trashy that I'm being notified that someone got a monk's robe top (g) from a thieving store. It legit just gets spammy as hell if a couple of guys are thieving. Sort it out ffs.
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    Hello and welcome to my first update post on my adventure! So the biggest update to this adventure, since the release of ironman and much more content. I decided to restart from scratch! This will be alot of fun since you cant just buy the items etc... Ingame name will be: Iron Mike , if you want add me I will write my goals in different colors: Red means: Not started yet, not obtained. Yellow means: Goal in progress. (Working on) Green means: Goal completed, obtained. (Atleast once) So the goals for this long and great adventure are as followed: Achieve a max cape - 99 in every single possible skill ingame Obtain 3000 participation points - for Donator bond Obtain a Twisted bow. Obtain a set of jordan boots (Pegasian, Primordial, Eternal) Obtain a set of spirit shields (Elysian, Spectral, Arcane) Obtain all possible Skilling and PvM pets Obtain a max set for each combat style (Range, Mage, Melee) Achieve max exp (250 000 000) in every possible skill ingame Complete every single clue scroll difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite) Complete every single clue scroll difficulty atleast 100 times Obtain all the possible "rare" rewards from every clue scroll difficulty This will be it for now! As I progress with the account I'm sure more goals will be added I will make more update thread's like this in the future probably in (1-3 weeks time) Untill then, thanks for reading! Regards, ~Michael
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    thats sad to hear, hope to catch up sometime on game
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    Seems like a good idea as I said earlier. Looking forward to see more loot. Especially the harder ones!
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    Congratulations! mate nice job
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    Nice work Valar
  44. 1 point
    Very good work
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    Nice m8, useful guide some wanted this. Maybe will you make corp guide, alots who wanted it
  46. 1 point
    Thank you very useful for new pvmers!!
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    All clues issues will be fixed within a few days! Thank you for your understanding.
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    Hello Community. While skilling as an Ultimate Ironman you recieve pets (even 2 of the same pet!) and these are not only useless but they also waste your inventory spaces. I currently have 3 pets in my inventory which i don't even want. We need a feature that helps us get rid of those pets since every inventory space is important for us. Another point i want to talk about is the cash stack. After some time you have a 100M gp stack in your inventory which is kinda useless, expect of some skilling items which are max. 1k gp worth. I'd suggest something what we can exchange for our cash maybe not items but xp boosts or something like that.
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    I just hit my 2 year anniversary at my job (I'm a software developer). Pretty happy I've gotten this far and done well.

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