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    Rank change- Veteran/Ex-Staff

    Strawberries what's up my man, private me on here bro
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    Got muted for saying zod is an abusive mod. Now I can say that zod is an abusive mod.
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    Entry Fee

    Ant's Resignation

    Was obvious why you resigned mate. Uni was just a good excuse
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    Hey there, I am xplicit. Although I don't have any history on GrinderScape, I have been part of the RSPS community for a long time (my favorite server from the past being original Near Reality), and occasionally hop on OSRS. I am excited to be joining the development team and to be a part of helping make the server the best it can be. You probably will not see me in game much, but keep an eye out for some updates I worked on (Bank Interface, Shop searching, Quest Tab changes, some bug fixes, and more) that will be added soon, along with many more updates to come in the future!

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