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  1. Fishing for upvotes! roll em on in boys and girls!

  2. Had an awful week at work.. Upvote my posts to make me feel better. Thanks guys!

  3. Sup gang, dont forget to Upvote me. Ill Upvote back. ganggang.

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      #follow #followforfollow #likeforfolow #follow2followm #FolloForFolloBack #followback #F4F #followtrain #follow4follow #followme

    3. Kyle


      Boosting crackheads. Reported. If Vutr doesn't do his job, then he's getting demoted. 


      Mod Grinder.

    4. Entry Fee

      Entry Fee

      Vutrs a crackhead himself.

  5. Entry Fee

    A lot of people ask what bones give the most exp, and how much that actually is. It's now right here, and I can direct them to this thread if they ever wanna know. Great job.
  6. Update looks really good. Saw tons of stuff I had suggested there.
  7. Entry Fee

    Lots of little things do a BIG help. Great work Lou.
  8. Great update so far. Think a few things still need some attention but this is looking really good!
  9. Now work on staff commands and a real co-owner
  10. Great work, Lou. Emotes are exactly what we needed for this update!
  11. Entry Fee

    If I could make a slight objection. @Lou Grinder Black dragons by nature have the ability to be safespotted with ranged attacks, and youve given them the Armadyl Crossbow in their drop table. Is this specific item going to be incredibly rare from them or is there a method in place to control this from being easy to get? EDIT; Ive decided to further review the drop tables, and Im now seeing some questionable choices. I agree casual players should have some ease of access, but leaving things like Black Dhide, and finished Jewlery inside of the drop tables makes the crafting skill useless. Im really hoping you can reconsider this. Give skillers a reason to get GP flowing through the economy. They want to be able to buy black dragonhides from pvmers and sell blackdhide for profit. Amulets of Glory should also hold some sort of higher level capacity. Just my collective thoughts and collective thoughts from members of the community
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