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  1. w211

    So it will be more slow that it is right now, so maybe XP tomes will be added to slayer shop for RC, like Agility has? Because tomes are best xp in the game for agility, not wilderness, XP rates are kinda similar to agility, so RC tomes could help to be equal for both skills?
  2. w211

    Ummm, thats allot of changes. But theres 2 scenarios, wildy could die even more or be active more. I agree with like 70% of new things mentioned here but other things its just doesnt belongs in osrs based rsps. Things i didint like: I cant see why zulrah and vorkath should be moved to wildy, those boses isint farm allot, only thing why players kill them zulrah - for elite clues maybe?? Because it has like 1/7 drop for them, and serp helm??, but you can get one free for achievs. Second one is vorkath, players only go to him for assembler, other unique drops that he has is dead content. Yeah you get superior bones, but its just extra, vorkath is already one of the hardest boss to kill (i rate him second for hardest bosses here first place goes to kq, third corp.) in grinderscape, because of his mechanics, and its not farmed allot. For tarn - i agree, tbow is great weapon, not a great but its litteraly BIS for allot of bosses and its sad to see how price crash on item like that, so i agree that tarn should be moved to wildy, to make it harder to get. New uniques on them? Mmm naah, i mentioned before why zulrah and vorkath should stay where they are.. better to put your and developers time to cox and tob, every1 would be hyped for it, but we are talking about wildy now, so those things should wait… RC altars.. umm.. its already one of the slowest and click intensive skills to max, now imagine going for 250m xp on classic after new update.. I cant see why people should go for it, ir would be not fair for new people to go for max xp, because other did normal way and how rc should work. For wildernest perspective, why pker should go there? To pk 28 pure ess? Idk why it should be added to wildy remake, leave rc as it is.. another thing: loose all items and red skull if your deeper then 30 wild.. theres banana whip which already skulls people and can make nightmares for pvmer if this thing pass allot of people i think will be mad, because theres more pvmers then pkers and its not how wildy should work… if you are real pker just buy that whip and try spec guy with it… and about healing mechanics? Whaat? If pker can literaly combo your all 99hp but you cant even eat, because it would take 1 tick later to eat or food heals less in wildy, is just nonsense for me. Combo eating its part for pvp and it should be not changed. fishing sharks only in wildy? Thats not how osrs works, yes maybe move anglers, mantas to wildy only and big sharks, but leave sharks where they belong… K/D ratio for boosting drop rates - absolutely no, if player is ironman, or just play solo and other pkers just farming on naked people who cant defend their self, so pkers would be literally abusing this thing to have better drop rates and clans would lockout some bosses to farm them. Server will be like DMM in osrs where everything will be locked out from doing and abused from clans. This thing its just not right and should be not added. All other things looks fine, only those things are OP and could make allot of people MAD, and not fair.. already wildy isint on pvmers side and it could make it much more worse than it already is. Glad to see some changes keep it guys!
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