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  1. Nice update mate keep the goodwork up
  2. Very Nice @Lou Grinder and the others!! amazing update thanks
  3. Very nice thanks Lou and everyone who helped/tested keep up the good work
  4. Dreamzz

    Not bad, decent guide for new players thanks for making it
  5. Dreamzz

    Nice mate thanks
  6. Dreamzz

    Very nice update
  7. Dreamzz

    i don't want to be a hater but there are alot of slayer guides Xd not really needed. but nice guide
  8. Dreamzz

    another nice guide thanks mate
  9. Nice update thanks lou and the team
  10. get elite void normal void is junk and thanks for this decent guide
  11. Very nice update brother! thanks for this and thanks for the dev team lou and the w2 testers! goodjob
  12. Dreamzz

    Nice work Lou thanks for the update keep up the good work boys
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