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  1. Dreamzz

    sad too see you leave brother wish you all of the best luck in real
  2. Dreamzz

    yeah thats fair enough also the rc is fair totally agreed with this update now mate keep up the good work !!
  3. Dreamzz

    I like the update but when players are making a hardcore ironman they will be killed for sure when they want to train on rockcrabs or whatever also with runecrafting.. i agree with the bosses but training area's ( and skilling ) just not don't get me wrong i don't mind it but new players will i think anyways good work mate make grinderscape great again
  4. Nice update mate keep the goodwork up
  5. Very nice this will help alot of new players thanks for the guide
  6. Very Nice @Lou Grinder and the others!! amazing update thanks
  7. Dreamzz

    Nice now will new players know the prices :)
  8. Very nice thanks Lou and everyone who helped/tested keep up the good work
  9. Dreamzz


    Haha nice one brother but clean out your bank mate
  10. Dreamzz

    Not bad, decent guide for new players thanks for making it
  11. Dreamzz

    Nice mate thanks
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