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  1. Number 1

    Outstanding job on the wiki guys! And congratulations to @Maranami!
  2. Number 1

    Congratulations to all, lots of promotions.
  3. Number 1

    @Zod thanks again for your dedication to Grinderscape for the past 2 years. You will be missed, and I'm happy to hear you will keep playing the game! I'm sure @Btartaroswill do an outstanding job, goodluck on your adventures. Number 1
  4. Number 1

    Congratulations everyone! Looks like a solid team. @Wrath Thank you for all the time you spent on grinderscape staff team.
  5. Number 1

    Congratulations to all of you and keep up the great work!
  6. The new webdesign looks very clean and professional. Awesome job!
  7. Number 1

    Congratulations everyone, goodluck with your new positions and have fun!
  8. Number 1

    Congratulations everyone.
  9. Number 1

    Congratz to everyone. Goodluck and have fun
  10. Number 1

    Congratz everyone!
  11. Number 1

    Hey guys, You have probably already noticed my inactivity. Since i will be really busy with renovating my house i won't be able to act as an active moderator untill december. That said, i will step down as a moderator until I can be active again. Thanks for playing grinderscape and keep grinding guys! I might hop on every now and then to chat with you guys! Thanks for your understanding. Cheers mates.
  12. Number 1

    Congratulations to all. We have a really great staff team at the moment. Awesome guys, keep it up!
  13. Awesome to see all the reported bugs being fixed. I'm sure a lot of players will enjoy that! Keep reporting the bugs so the Dev team can fix them! Loads of new content still to come! I'm excited for it. Keep on going, everyone is doing great!
  14. Number 1

    Congratz to all.
  15. I'm sure a huge amount of work went into this update. And I'm happy with the outcome, thanks devs and Lou! Hope to see more new content in the upcoming updates. Number
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