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  1. Awesome update! One in of the best updates so far, keep up the great work. I appreciate you all.
  2. Number 1

    It is a very frustrating new game mechanic. I rather see something like a teleport fee instead of the new random teleport. I hope it gets changed very soon.
  3. Number 1

    Looks like an awesome vacation! Great landscape
  4. Awesome to see all the reported bugs being fixed. I'm sure a lot of players will enjoy that! Keep reporting the bugs so the Dev team can fix them! Loads of new content still to come! I'm excited for it. Keep on going, everyone is doing great!
  5. I'm sure a huge amount of work went into this update. And I'm happy with the outcome, thanks devs and Lou! Hope to see more new content in the upcoming updates. Number
  6. Number 1

    Excellent changes, and nice updates! Goodwork Dev team!
  7. Number 1

    Very much needed! Thanks for setting this up.
  8. Number 1

    Finally a word from Lou himself! Would love to see more content from you more often, good to see that you are still working on Grinderscape. Goodluck and thanks for this update. Number 1.
  9. Number 1

    Always nice to see some guides for the skills
  10. Number 1

    Nice quality of life fixes.
  11. Awesome update, lots of new items. Keep it up and see you guys in game
  12. Number 1

    Good to hear old players comming back And welcome on the forums!
  13. There is the update! Once again good job on all the big fixes, I'm happy the new pathing system is way smoother now. Can't wait for the next updates
  14. Huge one! That's what we all wanted to see Can't wait to log back in to experience all the new content. Thanks Lou and the devs
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