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  1. Number 1

    Coin collector
  2. The new webdesign looks very clean and professional. Awesome job!
  3. Number 1

    Congratulations everyone, goodluck with your new positions and have fun!
  4. Number 1

    At the very least, it shows that it is an active server.
  5. Number 1

    Congratulations everyone.
  6. Number 1

    That's some real grind right there! Congratz mate!
  7. Number 1

    It is a very frustrating new game mechanic. I rather see something like a teleport fee instead of the new random teleport. I hope it gets changed very soon.
  8. Number 1

    Congratz to everyone. Goodluck and have fun
  9. Number 1

    Congratz everyone!
  10. Number 1

    Hey guys, You have probably already noticed my inactivity. Since i will be really busy with renovating my house i won't be able to act as an active moderator untill december. That said, i will step down as a moderator until I can be active again. Thanks for playing grinderscape and keep grinding guys! I might hop on every now and then to chat with you guys! Thanks for your understanding. Cheers mates.
  11. Number 1

    Congratz mate, goodluck on your grind!
  12. Number 1

    Hey! Thanks for your kind words man! Welcome to the grinderscape community! See you soon in-game.
  13. Number 1

  14. Number 1

    Welcome Jack!
  15. Number 1

    Looks like an awesome vacation! Great landscape
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