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  1. Remove me from forum block list? Idk why im blocked probs lisa ex staff blocked me


  2. Happy birthday

  3. Hellmage

    I’m sure I’m speaking for mostly everyone and wanted to say thank you for everything you did here at GS. Hope to still see you in game but if not I hope you take care man
  4. Not bad man, glad ogre pen is fixed and some other bugs! New minigame looks alright to me, can’t wait to try it out
  5. Hellmage

    Hello, thank you for taking interest in the Ironman community! Technically this is not a “guide” per say so I’m going to move this thread to a different section, cheers.
  6. Decent update, like how y’all are listening to the players about server suggestions and what not, good small details added as well as new content! Keep it up!
  7. Hellmage

    Hello, sorry for the inconvenience on your encounter. Some of these are bugs and some of these are intentional. - Multi-Combat below 30 wild (depends where you’re at, sometimes it gets bugged) - Getting skulled while auto-retaliating (yes this is a bug but make sure you see or dont see a banana whip which does skull you) - Wilderness boss announcement (this was intentional so new players could see rare drops from every bosses, but like many others I do not like this.) - Unable to logout in the wilderness ( this was intentional as well but I couldn’t tell you the reason why haha, I believe you should be able to log out.) Thank you for sharing your questions, comments, and concerns with us! We’re always reading players suggestions for in-game so feel free to post some!
  8. This is what I like to see man; bug fixes as well as new content! Hope players like the update! Keep up the good work!
  9. Hellmage

    ( In-Game Staff Team ) Lou Grinder Btartaros Lesik Stan Soccerlove Zod Dkick Jouni Hellmage Agy Slowlygrind Mastav Luca Striker Rumpetask Barry Alan ( Forum Staff Team ) Hellmage ( Discord Staff Team ) Barry (Manager) Jordan (Administrator) I is beast (Administrator) Mastav (Moderator) Ryxn Rumpetask ( Wiki Team ) Btartaros (Manager) Hellmage Maranami Slowlygrind ( Middleman Team ) Slowlygrind Spasma Hella Hits Sdr Sales Man K0lbi v2 Elly
  10. You and the development team always make nice updates! Keep it up!
  11. Hellmage

    Do you mean the portal/ orb (forgot the name) where you can preview a certain location in pvp areas to see if players are there like OSRS?
  12. Hellmage

    Nice videos and giveaways brother! Keep it up!
  13. Hellmage

    Love how you change up the intro so it’s not all the same, keep up the good work mate !
  14. Hellmage

    Appreciate the guide brother, send me new link I’ll replace it, didn’t know there was an other page for the clues!
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