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  1. Decent update, like how y’all are listening to the players about server suggestions and what not, good small details added as well as new content! Keep it up!
  2. This is what I like to see man; bug fixes as well as new content! Hope players like the update! Keep up the good work!
  3. Hellmage

    ( In-Game Staff Team ) Lou Grinder Btartaros Stan Soccerlove Zod Dkick Mr1Adrian Hellmage Agy Number 1 Jordan Wrath Lilvoid Slowlygrind K0lbi v2 ( Forum Staff Team ) Hellmage Mastav Wrath ( Discord Staff Team ) Barry (Manager) Jordan (Administrator) I is beast (Moderator) KrbDev (Helper) ( Wiki
  4. You and the development team always make nice updates! Keep it up!
  5. Hellmage

    Nice videos and giveaways brother! Keep it up!
  6. Hellmage

    Love how you change up the intro so it’s not all the same, keep up the good work mate !
  7. Hellmage

    It’s nice when someone explains how to kill a boss and it is even better when there is a video! Keep it up mate
  8. Great update! Big shout out to the developers on this one, keep up the awesome updates hope everyone likes it!
  9. Construction is gonna be nice update! Cant wait for all this new content!
  10. gbc65

    pleas help

    1. Hellmage


      Just pm me mate.

  11. Lou Grinder Btartaros Stan Soccerlove DKICK Mr1Adrian Slowlygrind Hellmage Number 1 Zerkia Agy Barry Alan Frostie Forum Administrator Hellmage Isaac Wrath Rachael eLou (Owner) Btartaros (Co-Owner) Barry (Discord Manager) Huntmeister (Discord Administrator) Jordan (Discord Administrator) I is beast (Discord Moderator) Krbdev (Discord Helper)
  12. Hellmage

    Thank you mate! I will update skilling guides on wiki soon! Cheers
  13. Massive update! I can’t wait to see what comes In the future! No doubt something amazing!
  14. Will be looked into , thanks for letting us know!
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