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  1. Hellmage

    Great update! Big shout out to the developers on this one, keep up the awesome updates hope everyone likes it!
  2. Hellmage

  3. Test thread, will be filled in soon.
  4. Test thread, will be filled in soon.
  5. Test thread, will be filled in soon.
  6. Hello Grinderscape community, this thread is strictly on the code of conduct and frequently asked questions about the rank of YouTuber. YouTuber ranks are not given out lightly and comes with some responsibilities to the community and to the Staff Team. After you are accepted as a YouTuber you will earn the In-game rank of as well as the forum rank of . This thread will go over the following; - Rules and regulations - Code of conduct - What we are looking for in a youtuber - Possible rewards - How to apply Rules and Regulations As
  7. Hellmage

    Rank added, enjoy
  8. Hellmage

    Rank added, enjoy
  9. Hellmage

    Legendary donor rank added, i also added classic rank as i can see that you have it. If you do not want it let me know. Cheers on new ranks
  10. Hellmage

    Added, enjoy
  11. Hellmage

    Done, enjoy. Make another request or pm when you hit new rank as you said in pm’s
  12. Hellmage

    Rank added, cheers
  13. Hellmage

    Love to event/ dp idea with these rewards, gl to you and everyone who will join! Thank you for asking permission as well mate, cheers
  14. Hellmage

    Done, enjoy
  15. Hellmage

    Hello Grinderscape community, as you may all know we had some changes to the Staff team and MM team already but this will be the official thread for their promotions! We have waited a little while to get a decent list before I made this thread so it’s easier on us. Barry has been promoted to IG-Moderator Shark Black has been promoted to Server Supporter Wrath has been promoted to Server Supporter Zen21 has been promoted to Middleman Rarely Mauls has been promoted to Middleman Btartaros has been promoted to Wiki Manager Jordan has been promoted to Wiki Ed
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