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  1. Amazing list of updates, well done
  2. Anyone able to make a 3D signature?

    Inquired weeks ago, but haven't heard anything yet.

    Happy Easter to everyone also ❤️

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    2. Class Starts

      Class Starts

      I do get in game yes, just haven't been as active as I am there that what I am on forums; I don't mind waiting it's no problem at all, school/exams come first when it comes to priority :)

      I have an Alienware M17 R3 RTX 2070 Gaming Laptop and I've bought a A/C cooler thing for it from Umart Online/PC Case Gear; I can link you the one I bought, it's got x2 140mm fans that blow directly up under the laptop so it doesn't overheat from being flat on the desk &  and so much more added to it.

      If they can ship out of Australia, give it a crack it may seem to help your situation, it has definitely helped with keeping mine cooler on bigger games etc.


      Exact same one I got, don't know if they ship outside of Australia or not pretty sure they do. But if you can find one based where you are even better :)


      Excuse the part where it says ''Notebook'' it's for them & laptops up to the size of 17.3" which mine is, and that one supports it also. Just another option to maybe keep the thing cooler, as it seems to do well for mine, although mines still a new model even though it's a 2020 laptop, it's still valued at $4699 an overheats like a bitch but with this cooler pad, it works a treat seeing only temps of 45 degrees C.

    3. Wrath


      i mean i got a spare laptop but its just for school work, and yea..blieve it or not they sell laptops with 100gb hard drives... ill try getting a job if i can after this semester. maybe buy somethign nice for myself for once other than liquor lol. i heard alienware is to expensive for the price though, was thinking of just making my own honestly


    4. 𝓜𝓻1𝓐𝓭𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷
  3. Class Starts

    All the best with this mission, I applaud you big time for this. As most bosses & other things in-game take good gear to kill things, that isn't always the case. I've done things that seem impossible, and made it possible by doing it a different way/lower budget gear. For example, I know this isn't RS3 related, but for an example I managed to kill Arraxi in low budget range gear (Red D'hide, fury etc etc) & I managed to do so on a different server. I will be following this to keep updated on your progress, good luck mate!
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