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  1. Wrath

    you took to long =[
  2. Wrath

    Congratz Wrath
  3. how do u get to puro puro
  4. you might have to wait till tomorrow, believe most of the staff that can unban you are asleep. except lou whose too busy fixing the bugs from update

  5. whats your main accounts name?

  6. Great update, thanks lou
  7. i believe zod said he'll be able to check your thread tomorrow

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dioksiid


      and he can just pm me the new pw


    3. Wrath


      im not sure if he wants to ask you any questions first

    4. Dioksiid


      got reply from Zod :) he told me to pm him


  8. Wrath

    forgot to demote bart to villager status
  9. this update was rolledback so most of the things listed are not in game. You'll have to wait till some things are fixed and then theyll add it back.
  10. Wrath

    gz on co owner, lisa.
  11. Wrath

    and then there was only one
  12. dam, that donator zone/ maxcape effects etc looks juicy. thanks for the hard work props to listening to the suggestions and adding the eternal glory/ removing the mystery boxes. makes items alot easier to sell.
  13. Wrath

    skipping the lava stepping stones will probably get u faster exp
  14. Wrath

    still gonna be playing?
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