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  1. Wrath

    Hello, welcome to grinderscape. I personally have lived in nassau for 11 years and my parents also still live there. Glad to see new faces!
  2. Wrath

    dont forget to change the location, if u still are
  3. Wrath

    Thanks for the report, will take a look into it
  4. Wrath

    you can try manually downloading and unzipping the cache. https://www.grinderscape.org/assets/game_client/cache/cache.zip Extract in C:\users\{you}\GrinderScapeCache
  5. Wrath

    This happens sometimes for different players when they teleport to a certain area thats buggy, sometimes the slayer cave/ slayer tower. Usually you would have to login and have them teleport you while you are blackscreened and then restart client.
  6. Wrath

    Bump all hard clues posted
  7. Wrath

    Congratz Wrath
  8. Wrath

    QUESTION 8: Should we host weekly Pking Tournaments and other events with GP/ITEM Prizes? Ive tried some f2p pking events in the past and only had like 5-7 people show up, people didnt really come even with participation rewards, i dont know if more pkers will show up even if you do p2p pking tournament but thats something you can host yourself and try out. QUESTION 11: If your bank/stats were to be reset, what is the likely-hood that you would no longer play Grinderscape? (YES, PROBABLY, MAYBE, NO, FUCK NO, HELL FUCKING NO) yea id play if there was a reset. but think abou
  9. Wrath

    Bump. all elite clues done.
  10. Wrath

    ehhhh... i would agree with bart, itd be best to keep certain things untradeable so people are forced to go out and get them instead of making everything buyable. if it was buyable id assume more people would go out and kill bosses 24/7 and then the pet just becomes pointless
  11. Wrath

    All hard clues and elite clues are completed. These clues are similar to oldschool runescape with slight differences, not all clues work the same exact way as the original game. Just posting here since its a WIP and plan to move everything to wiki later on (clue scroll section on forums links straight to an old guide on wiki so couldn't post under there) feel free to reply here if you got any other clues with a similar format as to what im doing below along with similar dimensions/cropping. Note: All clue scrolls can be found by using ctrl+f and typing
  12. Wrath

    hes lying, he'll definitely log on
  13. Wrath

    i dont celebrate holidays so ill just sit at home like always
  14. Wrath

    ill take over it if valar's busy sometime this week, havent touched photoshop in a while
  15. Wrath

    superior spawn ? we have those for regular slayer monsters, have to unlock it from slayer master. was implemented last update i believe. 2. hmmm what type of items? as for skilling ring, i think we can have something that boosts skilling rates similar to our current ring by a small amount with maybe... a bit more charges and maybe less point or have it as a drop. currently our skilling ring is like... 2500 skilling points just for double combat exp, but its way to expensive just for combat exp and only 250 charges. 3: agreed, we used to have wildy chests in donator zone i think but
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