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  1. cant edit topic for some reason but credits auri for helping out with the elites/easy
  2. 200 easy clues: nothing worth mentioning here really other than ranger boots/guthix halo probably 200 med clues: nothing much worth mentioning other than gilded items/archer ring/bring/rangerboots. 200 hard clues: lots of cosmetics and imbued capes/3rdage/gilded/zammy halo 200 elite clues: 100 elite clues: important items: imbued capes from hard clues only. zamorak halo from hard clue, saradomin halo from elite clue, guthix halo from easy clues.
  3. Hello, we have decided to accept this application. You will be pmed on discord along with the rest of the information. Sincerely, Wrath
  4. Wrath

    resolved. locked. moved.
  5. Wrath

  6. Wrath

    The event has ended, thank you to everyone that has shown up. If you do not see your name on the list and you signed up, you were most likely taken off the list for failure to show up. In addition to that, individuals who participated and not received their participation prize, please contract me ingame/discord. https://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=sqPUTX4Kkk EDITS: STRENGTH POTIONS ONLY Host: Wrath When?: 29/08/2020 at 6pm EST/GMT-4. Where?: Edgeville w
  7. Wrath

    Hello Rsps Try, we have decided to deny your application due to various reasons including previous infractions. If you wish to reapply, please do so at a later date and we will be more than welcome to reconsider. Thank you, Wrath
  8. Thank you for applying Maranami! Unfortunately we have decided to decline your application, please feel free to reapply at later date. if you have any questions, private message Wrath or Zod on discord.
  9. Thank you for applying, We have decided to accept your application at this time.
  10. you might have to wait till tomorrow, believe most of the staff that can unban you are asleep. except lou whose too busy fixing the bugs from update

  11. whats your main accounts name?

  12. Wrath

    Great update, thanks lou
  13. Wrath

    I like # 12/15/23. (23 maybe a slightly different color)
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