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  1. I am generally interested in anyone's opinion on the topic, As is now you can trade 100m 07 per week for 50b GrinderScape. After doing a quick google search It costs $57.00 USD for 100m 07 = 50B GrinderScape. Donating $50 to the server will net you around = 5-10b Depending on the demand for certain items. Wouldn't it make more sense to make donating to the server more worth it? Since there is new donator zones on the way this would be a good way to entice players to donate to the server instead of sell Osrs. Interested in hearing your thoughts below. Infernal Cape giveaway when the post reaches 10 replies Like the post , Reply , and leave your vote good luck.
  2. Grinderscape on RSPS Top lists Date 5/03/2021 Position on TOP List: 13th POSITION ON TOP LIST : 4th - - "Made this post after a voting evenT I held because I believe there should be a big focus on voting for the server especially when the lists reset. I started the event at 263 Vote count on Runelocus and a position 14th. After the event we shot to number 13 with a count of 291 votes , A huge effort from the player base! I think we should have more monthly voting event every time the Runelocus Top List resets ! Let me know what you think below !" Also another super important thread to keep alive is this one ! Link to thread on Rune-Server --> Click Here POSITION On TOPLIST : Front Page Amount of views/replies: To help with this one all you need to do is have a rune-server account and leave a comment on the server !
  3. Hope everyone is having a blessed day <3. Eskiimo here Just want to let everyone know that this is the most helpful server I've been on in all my RSPS experience. Every single person, even if they just started hours ago are super helpful. Last night one guy couldn't find his slayer task and four people teled home just to find this guy's task. It is super motivating for me to keep innovating on YouTube videos or even just playing GS. The community is strong here Stay Strong and motivated we going for that #10 Spot on the Toplist currently @ 11
  4. What a great job the team is doing !! So many updates !! WOW A lot of my suggestions made it through !!
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