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  1. Daganothking


    Apparently the 5 kc for GWD is not working.
  2. Daganothking

    Nice guide man. Nice work!
  3. Daganothking

    why Jad Slayer title requirement it to have 250 achievement point? lol
  4. Daganothking

    I see no point of adding run energy draining system in a RSPS. But overall it's a great update and a lot of fixes. Naise
  5. Damm nice updates! Keep it up man! Exam just ended and 2 big updates just strike in
  6. Daganothking

    Nice! Cant wait until huge updates release and thanks for all those bugs fix
  7. Daganothking

    1st Nice update!! Loves how it got organised with the stall and neat looking home with all stalls. And a new bosses and MAX cape. Thanks for all the hardwork
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