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  1. Nice update. I like my new scarf
  2. Oohhh a new way to train hunter. Neat. Lots of good stuff in here!
  3. Maranami

    I believe he is referring to the skilling tomes that currently exist in-game. - Fishing, agility, wcing, fming, mining, etc As much as I want to agree with you as a fellow classic player, I do have to say that it would make it a bit to easy even beyond where it is now. I think that having them not included and having those few "grind" skills is what makes Grinderscape...well...Grinderscape.
  4. Maranami

    With the latest server restart, it looks like Cerberus now does magic damage as the primary damage instead of range. If following this guide, please make sure to use Magic instead of Range prayer. You can go to the wiki for some more detailed information on the boss. The video was taken off the wiki page to not give outdated information. https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/In-Game_Section/Bestiary/Bossing_index/Cerberus Thanks everyone!
  5. Maranami

    And as always, this video is now available on the wiki! You're more than welcome to go to that page for an indepth guide and breakdown of all the different setups and drops! https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/In-Game_Section/Bestiary/Bossing_index/Chaos_elemental Have a great day everyone and keep grinding
  6. Maranami

    Great video again Legends. Thanks! To everyone else, please don't hesitate to use the wiki page for detailed information and drop tables about the boss! (This video is there too :D) https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/In-Game_Section/Bestiary/Bossing_index/Alchemical_Hydra
  7. Alright, so I've seen a lot of talking about the drop rates change. Change: - MASSIVE WORK ON DROPS for all bosses, overall rates, and item quantities for boss drops: * Whole formulas are redone, and this should make all the drop rates easier in general by at least 30-40% compared to the old system. Enjoy great drops. I wanted to make a forum post about this to talk about and figure out whether or not the community likes this change.30-40% Drop Increase makes it so all end game items are attained much easier. A 30-40% drop increase makes end-game items (twisted bow, rapier, justicar armor, etc) to be priced lower. Normal items (whips, dragon items, etc) are also easier to obtain, making it easier for newer players to get what they need...faster. Item prices crash, gold isn't really worth as much anymore...so let's talk about those. Disclaimer: These are my own personal opinions and thoughts on the drop rate change. End Game Items Being Attained Easier Now this might sound like a good thing, especially to newer players. You might think, oh nice, I can get the items faster and be at end game. But a lot of the reason to kill "end game" bosses (Vorkath, Hydra, Tarn, etc) is to their most coveted drops. If absolutely anyone can get it, then what point is there to kill the boss? You've got the drop. The drop really isn't worth much anymore since it's much easier to obtain, so you stop farming it. I personally watched 12 twisted bows enter the game yesterday (09/22/2020) from Mutant Tarn alone. That means at that rate, in 1 week - 84 twisted bows enter the game. We average about 140 players (roughly), and that means in 1 week over half of the of the active serverbase can have a tbow. One big thing for me personally is the pet drops. The pet drops having increased rates as well make them just another drop and not the big reward. The reward that makes you want to farm a boss for hundreds of kills because it's all you have left to finish off it's drop log. Pets are no longer a huge "oh my god! i finally got it!" moment, and that's just disappointing Normal Items Being Attained Easier Now, this is where i agree the drop rate change is good. I think that having items such as abyssal whip, dragon gear (platebody, chain, platelegs, etc), etc gear being easier to get is absolutely great. Does it affect the price of them? Yeah. But it was already cheap as it was. This just makes it easier for newer players to gear and further themselves in the game! So they are able to work themselves closer to bossing and learning how to do the end game content. Overall, this piece of the change is great! Item Price Crashes: What does it affect? So from what I've seen so far in the last couple days since the update. Prices are going to crash. Nobody is buying end game items because nobody knows what the prices are going to sit at. This is causing a surplus of items to start to grow on people and the prices are going to absolutely PLUMMET into the ground so people can just sell these extra items. This can affect a few different things. Gold might have the possibly of not being worth much anymore. What do you spend money on when you can spend a couple hours getting what you want? What's the purpose of having gold in the first place? Gambling? Buying rares / stuff not easily obtainable through boss drops? Having a nice looking cashstack in your bank? RS3 / OSRS Gold Trading is likely to drop as well. With people not needing to buy end game items cause they are easy to get / crazy cheap, the gold not being worth what it used too...it makes the desire to sell OSRS and RS3 gold for Grinderscape invisible. A lot of what I see (especially as a middle man), is people selling gold to do 1 of several things: Gamble Buy big / end game items (Justi sets, Max Range, Max Mage...etc) Both of the things above. Overall, the largest worry I have is the overall game economy is going to go to the crapper. Gold isn't going to be worth much. People aren't going to sell rs gold. Boss items should be worth something. They SHOULD be rare. They should be farmed for hours, days, weeks to get what you need. People should go on dry streaks to get that big ticket item. It's what makes doing bosses worth it. It's what keeps the economy stable. So now, I'd like to hear from the community. What are your thoughts on it? Let me know what you think!
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