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  1. No1 Dicer

    Congratulations biggo.
  2. No1 Dicer

    Nice to see u 2 bro, Yeah same i swear, just remembered u lmao hahaha, Lets Upgrade it
  3. No1 Dicer

    You'll see me around soon bro, Thanks
  4. No1 Dicer

    Hello bois, lets get party started, really missed all of you ily bois
  5. No1 Dicer

    Wat a nice thread duuh. keep it up TB
  6. No1 Dicer


    moni pls
  7. Great update brother, keep it up
  8. No1 Dicer

    Welcome and Congratulations dude.
  9. No1 Dicer

    I fall in love with dis Hat
  10. No1 Dicer

    Congratulations man.
  11. No1 Dicer

    Congratulations brother, @Keelow
  12. No1 Dicer

    My brithday in 12 july!, first one say to me happy brithday will give me chocolate cake In-Game.! XD will be 16 years, started grinderscape when i was 7 years tho:)
  13. Hope you enjoy in america boi, goodluck w/your life, and nice to met you, yeah i never spoke with u but u seem nice guy:)
  14. No1 Dicer

    Thank you brother<3
  15. MASSSS, wat a great update lou, keep it up dude
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