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  1. Will

    Take care my buddy always been my friend and forever will be
  2. We worked things out, I'm so glad this women is my beautiful lady. She's 32, I'm 25, She has 1 child, and I have four ( from my previous partner I was with for 8 years. I'll post pictures of us, she's so gorgeous, tattooed ,white sparkling teeth, amazing body and looks and the best personality ever! Also she's works and isn't on drugs! Just though I'd make this thread because I'm so happy now it's time for me to stop being a criminal and change my life around. Change my life around for my children, oh and I've told her my kids come before anyone, incl
  3. Will


    I completely agree with you, so sad huh.
  4. Will

    Hello OLDIE good to see the old members are still around! Can't say I remember you ( that's only because my memory is trash! Enjoy.
  5. Will

    I've seen you around the server I hope you enjoy your stay Obby Welcome
  6. Will

    Welcome to the forum We've spoke a little bit while tasking! You seem like a cool person, enjoy your stay.
  7. I remember years ago when I think Mrs silab designs some software I forgot the name ( it's on Mopar forum somewhere They added the halo 3 sword ( forgot the name of it also .... A custom area full of random funny NPC's / Items such as cars ( that you could drive ) rocket ships... Random chairs and stuff. Youre probably thinking I was smoking drugs but nope this was real and it was cool and pretty unique.
  8. Will

    What happened to Vb6 visual basic 6... It was the bee's kneese ... the dogs bollocks. I've spent many hours messing around with vb I know I have a copy of it on my usb. Maybe I'm just getting old and vb is way out of date but I love it
  9. Will


    Yeah it's illegal because I have a national insurance number and I now belong to the goverment and if I try to kill my self it's pretty much defacing the goverment Maybe it's just the way I think.. what I typed is complete rubbish to some people but not to me!
  10. Will

    My forum goal is just to keep as active as possible and post as much as I can without shitposting everywhere. - I want to see the forum as active as it use to be and I'm sure it will be soon enough!
  11. This thread is a sad one I've been reading up about this "non for profit" organisation the work they do may seem professional but I tell you it's not. I'm outraged at how this can be legal they state it's "Human rights" if one wishes to end the life they should be allowed - This women in the video is clearly unwell physically as she states & I assume shes mentally unstable. What are your thoughs about this? I get that shes in so much pain and she can no longer live... but do you think one has the rights to take another life away? Put someone to sleep forever after overdosing the
  12. Will

    Haha great video dude I played back then but I don't have any videos! I've probs got some old picturs on photobox! Well everyone joining in with the emotes did them sync forsure also the one guy saying "I'll do the boss" made me think he's going to "Do the boss in / beat him up" oh just my humour it made me laugh.
  13. Do you remember me ?  You use to help me out with lots of things... use to be a great help.

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    2. Anz


      I miss Soccerlove, and yeah back in the day he was a great help still is. Great respect for the guy ❤️ 

    3. Soccerlove


      Hello Will, I do remember the name for sure but dunno anymore on what I helped you with

      Good to see you around here again, like some other old fags

    4. Will


      Pretty sure you helped me with my dicer / donations and a lot more

        Good to see you're about chap!

        I'm 25 now I was way young back then ahha.

  14. Will

    Welcome bud!


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