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  1. Skillofdoom

    So I've noticed a few things in regards to recent changes: - PRAYER CHANGES Prayer drains are a rate that is 2x that of OSRS. For example, Piety should drain 2 points every 3 seconds. Currently it drains 2 points every 1.5 seconds. Prayer bonus no longer has any impact on the rate of drain. Certain prayers drain in excess of 3-4x the normal rate (Chivalry). - Bosses are overtuned. This seems to affect most bosses except a few. Certain Wilderness Bosses are not killable (Vennenatis, Vetion, etc). Vorkath is currently overtuned and the spawn can no
  2. Skillofdoom

    This staff feedback aims to point out some of the issues I've encountered with the staff member, Daxx, who currently is a server support/staff support ingame but often acts like he run's the town of Grinderscape. I am hoping this feedback will allow him to see the error of his ways. I personally have only had bad experiences when dealing with this staff member and to me that's quite troubling. 1. I will start off with one of my first interactions with the player Daxx: I was speaking to Daxx in regards to a few issues with him as a "co-owner". I told him this would never happen. Si
  3. Skillofdoom

    Welcome back
  4. Skillofdoom

    loool @Soccerlove anyways, nice to see you bossed
  5. Eventually they will add new bosses and stuff, just be patient
  6. Race to rank 1 soon? :4_joy:

    1. Soccerlove


      Hello Rene, how are you doing?

    2. Skillofdoom


      Ready to give you many headaches Ron ❤️ 

  7. Skillofdoom

    Your favorite boy Skillofdoom is back once again.
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