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  1. Barry

    i believe you can use the skull sceptre to teleport to black knight titan aswell
  2. Barry

    the wizard wont be removed as far as we all know. ignorance has nothing to do with answering a question that has been answered many times before. we get asked many many questions and mostly about the same thing so my apologies if thats how it comes across, its not our intention.
  3. Barry

    A grand exchange or POS wont be added anytime soon. Its been requested ALOT but we need a higher average players per day and for it to be stable for this to work.
  4. Barry

    we always appreciate the input from our members but please keep in mind we have rules on the forums too. try use less colourful language when posting or replying to comments.
  5. Barry

    Hi there, can you message me on discord or send me a private message on here please so I can look into this further Livingwonder#0713
  6. Hello everyone! over the past few days we have experienced a few changes in our teams throughout the server they are as follows Huntmiester has decided to stop down from moderator, omm leader and wiki editor but will remain as a discord staff member Hayden has stepped down from server support. Shark black has been appointed OMM leader 3 new omms have joined the team Aurimeelis Ryou Bigbootyboi Thank you to everyone for your time and wish you all the best of luck!
  7. Barry

    my top 5 favourite going based on 3 different factors (layout, colour scheme and overall design) are from 1st being best are; 1st - 2 2nd - 5 3rd - 3 4th - 15 5th - 19 (cant see number 24) all aren't perfect and could do with a little bit of adjustment on font and some layout changes but 2 is my favourite takes me back to the old grinderscape days which i loved the forums design back then
  8. Barry

    This section is for players who are requesting in-game ranks with proof attaining to that rank request, can you be more specific please?
  9. Wiki and discord updates! Hi There and welcome to the thread As we improve the the wiki and expand on what we have already, we are looking for your input so with my promotion to wiki manager, i will be working alongside Hellmage and the wiki team to push forward as much as we can. With that being said we are looking for individuals to help collect data for pages and push them out quicker! below is what we are looking for in candidates; Wiki Contributors; wide variety of knowledge of Grinderscape Willingness to complete tasks and collect data Be in our discord server a
  10. Barry

    It’s too blue, the red design with the style/layout of the blue one would be great
  11. Barry

    i prefer the old designs better mostly because of the colour scheme and overall design. blue is... well too much blue
  12. Barry

    @Zod @Lou Grinder
  13. Barry

    Sad to see you leave man. understand why. All i can say is we hope to see you come back in the future and thank you for trying our server. Wish you all the best
  14. Hi there. As the server grows, with the most recent update a lot was changed and fixed. It's safe to say this was one of our biggest and more anticipated update so far but not everyone agrees it was for the best. This thread will help the staff and dev team see through the negativity and look at what can be done to move forward with improving the server instead of going backwards. Here's whats going to happen; This post will be left open for a week so people can express there thought about it. This is not a rant post so please give give both you opinion and thoughts on how to improve th
  15. Barry

    possible sell it for grinderscape cash or have the grinderscape equivalent? as the prize?
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