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  1. Mastav

    Happy Birthday man!Β 

  2. Happy Birthday Barry! Have a great day brotha ❀️ 

    Happy Birthday GIF by Jelene

  3. Barry

    the wizard wont be removed as far as we all know. ignorance has nothing to do with answering a question that has been answered many times before. we get asked many many questions and mostly about the same thing so my apologies if thats how it comes across, its not our intention.
  4. Hi there. As the server grows, with the most recent update a lot was changed and fixed. It's safe to say this was one of our biggest and more anticipated update so far but not everyone agrees it was for the best. This thread will help the staff and dev team see through the negativity and look at what can be done to move forward with improving the server instead of going backwards. Here's whats going to happen; This post will be left open for a week so people can express there thought about it. This is not a rant post so please give give both you opinion and thoughts on how to improve the situation and be constructive about it. comments like "this is bad" or "fix it now" will be deleted. After a week myself and other staff members will review your thoughts and make a poll compiled of your opinions Ill will be monitoring this post everyday so please stick to the rules of the forums as they still apply.
  5. Barry

    Bronze donaters can also request there rank on the discord FYI.
  6. Love it! cant wait to try out all the new stuff!!
  7. Love the new update! Any chance there’s a title called β€œthe drunkard” that I can use
  8. Barry

    Love it! Its nice having smaller bug fixing updates with a little bit of new content every other week! keep up the good work Devs!!
  9. Barry

    Very nice guide. Well structured and detailed. Thank you for creating this!
  10. Barry

    I support this. Will be a great way for future hc players plus if you do decide to do some guide that would be a massive help with making the wiki great aswell!
  11. Barry

    Thank you for joining our community and I look forward to seeing you return in September! Good luck with everything dude and don’t be a stranger
  12. Barry

    nice guide legends. could make it better with having the pictures on the guide rather then clicking on a link?
  13. Loving the new update Lou! may have to spend some monies on those colourful items
  14. Lovely set of updates once again (Y)
  15. I hear this guy was once the biggest nub of them all '-'

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