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  1. Love it! cant wait to try out all the new stuff!!
  2. Love the new update! Any chance there’s a title called “the drunkard” that I can use
  3. Barry

    Love it! Its nice having smaller bug fixing updates with a little bit of new content every other week! keep up the good work Devs!!
  4. Barry

    Very nice guide. Well structured and detailed. Thank you for creating this!
  5. Barry

    nice guide legends. could make it better with having the pictures on the guide rather then clicking on a link?
  6. Loving the new update Lou! may have to spend some monies on those colourful items
  7. Lovely set of updates once again (Y)
  8. I hear this guy was once the biggest nub of them all '-'

  9. Another Awesome update lou! Defiantly looking forward to opening those brimstone keys!
  10. Barry

    Awesome guide Surgeon. Would love to see more guides like this!
  11. First! lovely update lou! cant wait to check it all out!
  12. Great guide and nicely set out as well!
  13. i'm shocked by the sheer volume of updates this time round. Fantastic job lou. Coming back after a break to see this has made my day! Keep up the hard work dude!
  14. Great list of fixes and improvements lou! cannot wait for iron man modes to be in! in my opinion a big patch for minor fixes this early on is better then weekly/bi-weekly updates! keep it up!
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