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  1. Hello everyone! over the past few days we have experienced a few changes in our teams throughout the server they are as follows Huntmiester has decided to stop down from moderator, omm leader and wiki editor but will remain as a discord staff member Hayden has stepped down from server support. Shark black has been appointed OMM leader 3 new omms have joined the team Aurimeelis Ryou Bigbootyboi Thank you to everyone for your time and wish you all the best of luck!
  2. Wiki and discord updates! Hi There and welcome to the thread As we improve the the wiki and expand on what we have already, we are looking for your input so with my promotion to wiki manager, i will be working alongside Hellmage and the wiki team to push forward as much as we can. With that being said we are looking for individuals to help collect data for pages and push them out quicker! below is what we are looking for in candidates; Wiki Contributors; wide variety of knowledge of Grinderscape Willingness to complete tasks and collect data Be in our discord server a
  3. Love it! cant wait to try out all the new stuff!!
  4. Barry

    Congratulations all all new promotions. i'm sure you guys will do great!.
  5. Barry

    The one and only has returned. All that lurking and it’s finally happens. Now I’m truly excited to see how grinderscape will return back to its former glorious self. One of the best returns that’s happened in a while. Great to see you step into the fray soccer!
  6. Barry

    maybe now with you in the loop shit wont hit the fan so quickly! knew you couldn't stay away long XD
  7. Barry

    Not sure if works like that. Might just removed it from the recent menu but might still count towards your overall post count/rank. What about forum based events like GFX competitions or costume/showing off events by-weekly?
  8. Barry

    Love the idea, will make the forums a more active in the long run. My only concern would be people spamming their count and possibly grave-digging on old posts.
  9. Barry

    feels good to be back. #grinderscapeforever!
  10. Barry

    just to clarify that wasn't the reason why i resigned. sad to see all the effort i put in over the past months count for nothing. i wish you all the best in the future.
  11. Love the new update! Any chance there’s a title called “the drunkard” that I can use
  12. Barry

    yaaaaaaaaaaas, thanks babe.
  13. Barry

    Welcome new recruit! Make us proud!
  14. We have decided to Give TEET a shot at being our latest server support member. He has been extremely active and always on standby to help anyone in need, he has also taken to the role of Official middleman very very well and has caught our attention. As with all new promotions, you will be on a two week trial We have also heard your crys for more OMM's so i present you with the newest batch of recruites. They are as follows: Upuluar 1312 Twisted bow Classicrilo Saucer king Official middlemen are NOT staff, they are simple trusted players whom the staff team h
  15. Barry

    Love it! Its nice having smaller bug fixing updates with a little bit of new content every other week! keep up the good work Devs!!
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