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  1. Redii

    I’ve never met you - but I hope you find yourself well retuning to the staff team . Best of luck .
  2. Redii

    Well done team . All well deserved
  3. Outstanding update . Excellent work to the whole team
  4. Redii

    Yeahhhhh man . Some really good updates . Thanks for fixing bugs and listening to the community . Continue the stellar work
  5. Hahah that did it ! I just received an absolute ton of rewards ! Thank you Isaac
  6. Very very impressive update ! Great work to all involved . Just one query , where as it states in the achievement diary now ‘ Reach 100M XP in XYZ’ if we have surpassed this already how we do go about claiming the rewards? Thanks again and the update is greatly appreciated .
  7. Redii

    Nice guide my man . Can tell you’ve spent some time on this and very helpful . Just did a quick calculation and I now know with the best possible exp being full lumberjack , bonus hour and skill cape and WRA it’ll only take me cutting another 6126 magic logs Thanks again !
  8. Redii

    Definitely a great little update. I understand how time consuming this must be and how much work it takes but little updates like this really make a difference to the smooth running of the server and are widely appreciated . Thanks for all your hard work guys . I agree if you have the resources little fixes like this would be valued immensely .
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