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  1. Tankr

    Love Lisa Cool Guy ❤️

  2. Man... this guide is dope ! @Mikey Simple & clear, i love it
  3. Ah finally someone done the list thank you for this simple & efficient guide pretty sure it's going be used a lot
  4. Lisa

    Great boss guides Have fun bossing !
  5. Don't stop make it pop , i appreciate the update
  6. That's some heavy work, nicely displayed & organized! thank you for your dedication toward the improvement of our gaming experience!
  7. hey lisa i win a dicegame and the other Player gives me not my win. First game i lost and i give them 100m cash. Second game i win and he must give me 200m but he teleports ago. After i tell snapchat(the grinderscape Player) and he will speak with him but he says he dont know me. the Name of the Player is 777 B. Show the screnns


    Bild 2.PNG

    bild 3.PNG

    bild 4.PNG

    bild 5.PNG

    bild 6.PNG

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