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  1. I’m off because my pc got damage, but I’m back, say me the mistakes to repair it gl grinding GS: THE UNTOUCHABLE GUIDE - MELEE AND RANGER SET UPS FAST GUIDE
  2. Here is my last video, I hope see all coments to fix my mistakes, I will make more and better videos. direct link: GS : Black Knight Titan Guide (BKT) RANGE/MELEE SETUPS
  3. Yeah bro, I know all the bad things, I will be better in each video, thanks for coment
  4. Hi everybody, I’m a old player Cora Wayne. I will make a lot of guides about grinder because grinders videos are too old, i will make comunity in YouTube, guides for new players and old players Please suscribe and like the video, and put in comments what guides need first, here’s is the link to TARN GUIDE
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