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  2. kaykay

    Some much needed recognition! Glad to see many returning and many great people joining and moving up! See you ingame!
  3. kaykay

    Finally, one of the many pieces needed! Welcome back!
  4. kaykay

    The noted items on bank is for donator only. Another good guide nonetheless
  5. Great overall guide, just some minor issues / suggestions: - 2500 vote points for skilling supplies box, I think you mean 25 - Make a list of what to cook from certain level to the next - Maybe show a map with a drawn path to the guild for added clarification - You mention Harry at ::dz, how much are the fish that he sells? some more useful info that will save a player time. Keep the guides coming, I'm sure the more you make the better you'll get a including the most info!
  6. kaykay

    Great work!
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