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  1. Melisha

    This is a great help! I’ll be sure to redirect people to this thread when they ask for help in the cc. Thanks for taking the time to do this!
  2. Melisha

    I’m excited for this new update, thanks for all of your efforts!
  3. Melisha

    Thank you for putting the effort into making this guide! Very helpful.
  4. This is amazing! Super helpful for new players/players who want to equip fire/infernal cape who may not realize that the Jad boss is a little different here in Grinderscape! Again the effort put into this is incredible! & Thank you for the credit for making the suggestion, you did some awesome work! Hope to see some more guides like this soon!
  5. Great guide for new players who want to start bossing! Very thorough and informative, and clearly a lot of effort put into this. Might I recommend your next guide be Jad, considering the popularity of Fire/Infernal capes. I feel it would be very popular. Just an idea for you to consider. Thank you!
  6. Melisha


    Good on ya for opening up about your mental health struggles. That's one of the hardest things to do. There are lots of us on here who can and will support you through this as I'm sure many of us go through similar struggles. I'm always open to a convo if you need it! Take care
  7. Thank you for doing this up! Very useful guide, I know I'll be using it for skilling. Take care
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