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  1. Stan


    Nice guide! My only suggestion would be to change the yellow font color, it's really hard to read with our forums background.
  2. Stan

    Below follows a page that contains all re-coloured items and their color values, in case u want to find the colours used by some specific re-coloured item. GO FASHION SCAPE https://dosier.github.io/grinder-item-colours/
  3. The server has been offline for a couple of hours. The reason being that there is an issue with recent changes to our item attribute system. We're disabling all items using this system and will temporarily remove all attribute-able items from players upon login (a full list of affected items is included at the end of this post). We'll be restoring all removed items whenever the issue is resolved, which we deemed too delicate to hotfix. We need to revise our item container system for this to work properly, the full development team is bundling forces to resolve this as quick as possible. More details will come tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, please beer with us for future notices List of affected items: Ancient Wyvern Shield Blowpipe Craws Bow Dragonefire Shield Dragonfire Ward Ether Bracelet Sanguinesti Staff Scythe Of Vitur Thammarons Sceptre Viggaras Chainmace Tome Of Fire
  4. hi stan my main bummerpure. when i log in my inventory pops up and it acts like its gonna load up then gets stuck at the loading screen and the screen is black. i have tried everything. i have cleared all my cache and history and even re-downloaded the game several times. the weird thing is i can log into a new character just fine. i heard other people are having the same issue can you help me please?

  5. Stan

    Great! Only the text could be a bit smaller imo
  6. Stan

    Nice, goojob on the guide! The only thing I would change a bit is the formatting, maybe only make the keywords bold and the rest of the text smaller
  7. Overview: As many of you know already, we have a mechanics In-game that rewards players with coins for performing skilling tasks, the amount of coins awarded to the player is based on the amount of experience gained by performing the task and the player's skill level in the skill in which the experience was gained. Link to graph: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/riwmhtpdac X-axis is the experience gain (horizontal) Y-axis is the coin output (vertical) The old function used for determining the amount of rewarded coins is graphed below: Problem: As can be derived from the graph, the amount of coins gained per experience is extremely high and applies to any skilling related event. Solution: In an effort to reduce this huge influx of money spawning into the game, we have adjusted the formula shown above to the following: Downside We recognise this will have a drastic impact on the monetary value of skilling supplies and that it will significantly hurt the net worth of players that have been hoarding these items. However we deem this a necessary step to prevent more damage from being done to the economy and we hope most of you will agree with that sentiment. Upside Over time the value of money will increase again and with that also the relative monetary value of the affected skilling supplies. To speed up this process, we will introduce other ways to reduce money in the game. Let us know your thoughts, we're open for other ideas to inceltivize skilling.
  8. Hello could you tag me on discord, or add my discord StanDev#0990
  9. Poor word choice from Lou, of course we can turn it off at any time (which will definitely not be months). Actually quite some work went into the winter edition but 85% of the time in total spent on this update went towards a client rework not xmas. We just thought better late then never Actually since 2018 we've rewritten a lot of underlying systems that all of our content depends on. Also the game engine and networking has been rewritten to be more stable and efficient. Now all of the essential engine work is nearing completion we're going to be focussing on fixing all the currently implemented content and meanwhile also work on some smaller (but still enjoyable) content.
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