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  1. spasma

    Best of luck brother! will be missed
  2. spasma

    Thanks for making this thread! Useful for the ironmen community
  3. Very nice update, hope to see more in the near future!
  4. spasma

    Well done and thanks for the useful video
  5. Very nice work! Thanks for the time and effort
  6. (Updated 16/12/2020) Herblore Firemaking Mining Fletching Cooking Runecrafting Fishing Thieving Smithing Farming Slayer Crafting Hunter Agility Woodcutting Delete this when you fix it @Btartaros
  7. This is big, very good job !
  8. spasma

    Looks nice well done #moo
  9. spasma

    Just add that the bronze donators have the ability to ::yell, otherwise not bad!
  10. spasma

    Took a lot of time and effort, wouldn't be able for it cause of the xp loss.
  11. Loving the new update man! hope to see more in the future like this Good job !
  12. spasma

    If there was items to be added it wouldn't be items like rapiers etc as this would make the items crash. Instead have them one use items such as xp lamps etc which would be used in maxing more accounts.
  13. spasma

    Many things are getting worked on already therefore i was thinking fix a most used currency in game apart from gp. Fixing bm would be a logical move as if we leave it going on too long, the price will eventually make it useless in the eco.
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