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  1. spasma

    Nice, cool little feature added
  2. spasma

    Sad to see @Wrath leave but it is what it is. Congrats to everyone else on promotions
  3. spasma

    Thanks for the massive improvements and I would like to personally thank the wiki team in the beautiful work they are doing this is very helpful even to skilled / experienced people and especially to those who just started Big thanks to maranami for the expertise
  4. spasma

    Late but i hope you had a good new years day And to everyone else
  5. Very nice work! Thanks for the time and effort
  6. spasma

    have a good one brother
  7. (Updated 16/12/2020) Herblore Firemaking Mining Fletching Cooking Runecrafting Fishing Thieving Smithing Farming Slayer Crafting Hunter Agility Woodcutting Delete this when you fix it @Btartaros
  8. spasma

    Good job on everyone who got promoted!
  9. This is big, very good job !
  10. spasma

    best of luck brother, hope it all goes well!
  11. spasma

    Looks good!! can't wait Keep up the good work Wiki Team!!!
  12. Loving the new update man! hope to see more in the future like this Good job !
  13. Looks good! Will be useful for the new people
  14. Great fixes! Good job!! Looking forward to the new website design!
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