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  1. Alcotty

    Congratulation to everyone! mooooo Well deserved!
  2. Alcotty

    I love number 2 the most. It is just the eye catching one and I feel like everyone feels the same way. MOOOOO
  3. Seen you active in game! Good luck for your application!
  4. Experienced and great player! Good luck on your application Auri! MOOO +1
  5. You are very active Lord Nikku !
  6. Alcotty

    Congratulation to those who received their well deserved promotion Moooooo!
  7. Alcotty

    All the best number 1 MOOOO
  8. Alcotty

    Yes, I am so happy for you! MOOOOOO
  9. Alcotty

    Congratulation on the nomination @Barry!
  10. Topic locked, promoted to MM already.
  12. Thank you for developing tirelessly in making all the abovementioned updates. Appreciate it alot!
  13. Alcotty

    Hie @Sal56, seen you around alot doing skilling! Glad that you enjoyed the server so far. By the way, remember you can request your forum rank (i.e. donator) via the following thread:- https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/62-request-a-forum-rank/ Best Moo, Alcotty
  14. Alcotty

    Amazing addition to the guide @aurimeelis ! MOOO
  15. Alcotty

    Sweet! Great work Barry, Hellmage and wiki team!
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