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  1. Btartaros

    Welome and enjoy the server!
  2. Btartaros

    Nice introduction. Welcome back and enjoy! Feel free to pm me in-game or on Discord when you want to talk.
  3. Btartaros

    Hey guys, As we improved a lot of things on Wiki, I will give you a new update! General - Grinderscape website and wiki have both adapted a new design. Below you will see how it looks like. Go check it out! - Deleted a lot of pages like outdated bossing guides and skilling guides. If you are looking for a page now, it will be much easier to find the right one. Bossing guides - Added new drop rates for all bosses. - All gear set ups for bosses are finished. - A lot of mechanics are added to the bossing guides. - Guides of Obor, Demonic Goril
  4. Btartaros

    Great video as always, mate!
  5. Btartaros

    Nice introduction man. Welcome and enjoy the server!
  6. Btartaros

    -Voting boost: Maybe a bit better for classic accounts, but not sure. - Row (i): So overall rates on classic accounts are a bit better than regular accounts.
  7. so how it works? you banned my friend first i mean og rasta and me after but i didnt even say anything at that moment after i asked aurimelisss why on my alt and that one get banned for nothing?

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    2. karatux


      so i still cant paly on my alt?

    3. Btartaros


      That's correct. It's your own mistake and risk.

    4. karatux


      i dont know what to say to you thats just sad :D i never seen things like this in other server :D ok leave it :D :D

  8. Btartaros

    Have spoken to Lou and he confirmed he has this ideas on his list to implement. Let's see!
  9. Btartaros

    Yeah, finally! Looks way better than we had. Well done!
  10. Btartaros

    Hey guys, I will give you another update as some guys are promoted. In-game staff Wrath has been promoted to in-game Administrator Mr1Adrian has been promoted to Server Supporter Forums staff Legends has been promoted to Sectional Moderator Valar has been promoted to Forums Moderator Middleman team Zerkia has been promoted to Middleman Magiquhl has been promoted to Middleman Miyuki1234 has been promoted to Middleman Keep up the great work!
  11. Btartaros

    Nice guide again! Great to see how fast you are with new guides. Keep it up!
  12. Btartaros

    Thanks again mate. Very useful video. Keep it up!
  13. Btartaros

    It was not a dumb idea, mate. Always good to see discussions about new ideas.
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