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  1. Btartaros

    Hey guys! It's the highest time to give you an update about all promoted players since the last update. Btartaros has been promoted to Administrator Dkick has been promoted to Global Moderator Wrath has been promoted to Moderator Huntmeister is back as Moderator Faroutbro has been promoted to Server Supporter 2baked has been promoted to Server Supporter Wrath has been promoted to Middleman Leader Beauty232 has been promoted to Middleman Slowlygrind has been promoted to Middleman Maranami has been promoted to Wiki Editor
  2. Hey guys! Here is a new update on wiki stuff. First I want to give big thanks to the wiki team for their hard work! And beside that to you guys for reading our wiki pages. We all do this for you. We have done a lot of things on wiki to give all possible information to the players. We have finished the skilling guides for ALL modes, so take a look! It are easy guides to understand and easy to read. Use it to your adventage. Now we are working hard on the bossing guides. We have already added new gear set ups for bosses; see below for an example. The next goal is to finish them. Afte
  3. Btartaros

    Nice event mate. Good luck!
  4. Btartaros

    I see Zod unlocked your account. Can you confirm you can play again? If this happens again, please use this link to make an appeal: https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/11-submit-appeal/
  5. Btartaros

    @Zod or @Hellmage can help you!
  6. Btartaros

    @Zod or @Hellmage will give it to you!
  7. Btartaros


    @Lou Grinder
  8. Btartaros

    Thanks for reporting. Hopefully @Lou Grinder can help you!
  9. Btartaros

    Niceee mate. Good luck and you know where to find me if you need help!
  10. Btartaros

    Hey nub. Still alive I see
  11. Btartaros

    Hey, please make a new thread here: https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/124-submit-lock-appeal/
  12. Btartaros

    So you couldn't do this alone like me? Gz mate. Well done! I am proud of you!
  13. Btartaros

    Nice to see this new things. Thanks!
  14. Btartaros

    2, 4, 5, 11 and 15 are my favorites. They are organized and have pretty nice colours.
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