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  1. Btartaros

    Sad to you see you go, mate. Thanks for everything you have done and for your experience you brought in. Hope to see you still in-game and feel free to message me whenever you want!
  2. Thanks for your hard work on this, mate. Keep up adding content and fixing bugs!
  3. Good update, mate. Thanks for your hard work. Same to other devs.
  4. Looking good mate. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks mate. Hopefully most important bugs are fixed, and nice to see some new content. Thanks again!
  6. That's great to hear. Thanks for the kind words and for all your hard work on the server!
  7. Good update. Thanks mate
  8. Great update. I hope everything works that we tested. Thanks!
  9. The duration of the hourly bonus skills has been changed from 35-40 minutes to 1 hour since the last update (5 December). Just FYI.
  10. Btartaros

    Nice guide. Very useful. Never tried Corporeal Beast tbh. keep it up mate!
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