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  1. Good update, mate. Thanks for your hard work. Same to other devs.
  2. Looking good mate. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks mate. Hopefully most important bugs are fixed, and nice to see some new content. Thanks again!
  4. Good update. Thanks mate
  5. The duration of the hourly bonus skills has been changed from 35-40 minutes to 1 hour since the last update (5 December). Just FYI.
  6. I forgot my PIN.Β 
    What i have to do, for recovery my PIN?

    MY NICKNAME: Arrascaeta
    Nobody hacked me.
    Last time in the game was in 23/11/2020

    1. Btartaros


      Hello, do you have Discord? If so, please private message me there. Easier to talk. Tartaros #1365.

    2. Arrascaeta
  7. Btartaros

    Nice guide. Very useful. Never tried Corporeal Beast tbh. keep it up mate!
  8. Btartaros

    Great video as always, mate!
  9. so how it works? you banned my friend first i mean og rasta and me after but i didnt even say anything at that moment after i asked aurimelisss why on my alt and that one get banned for nothing?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. karatux


      so i still cant paly on my alt?

    3. Btartaros


      That's correct. It's your own mistake and risk.

    4. karatux


      i dont know what to say to you thats just sad :D i never seen things like this in other server :D ok leave it :D :D

  10. Btartaros

    Nice guide again! Great to see how fast you are with new guides. Keep it up!
  11. Btartaros

    Thanks again mate. Very useful video. Keep it up!
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