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  1. Quite the update! Looks really great.
  2. Surreal

    Unexpected indeed brother, maybe we'll see you back someday.
  3. Surreal

    Good stuff! Excited for some new items
  4. Surreal

    Welcome brother, congrats.
  5. Surreal

    Unfortunate that this had to happen
  6. Surreal

    so that's how they send people to australia?
  7. Surreal

    I was leisurely following the progress of Grinderscape since the "breakup" until @Entry Fee informed me the server was back up and running. Originally I joined in 2012 when some guy named @Gruntmaster told me to play with him and 2 of his friends
  8. Surreal

    Congrats brother!
  9. Surreal

    Good decision! Not that most of the people who had it didn't deserve it, it will be nice to see it re-earned as we did in the past.
  10. Surreal

    It's a shame really but something needed to be done. Unfortunate that it had to come to this.
  11. Surreal

    Me too, brother. This is actually really great and super useful. Will definitely be using it.
  12. Surreal

    Easy choice. Good luck blsgrim!
  13. Awesome work Lou, looks great!
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