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    Really interested in being a bigger help to the community in anyway pssible.
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  1. dh warrior

    Absolutely, agree I no longer personal see why I barrows is a necessity now I can just get bm from skilling or revs for barrows items and whip I can say it's okay for now it well help new players with bossing or pvm, etc. so keep that their just raise it's bm price. gmaul are most pure items so should be in pure shop. but overall you made some good points if the sever is to further growth things need to be tweaked a bit.
  2. dh warrior

    I agree use to take sometime,now it's basic and easy to do alteast make it harder to get so that the sever has a better eco cause it's easy to get bm by revs
  3. dh warrior

    I'd play it so I think it would be a nice feature. hope it comes in the near future. but last time castlewars was here nearly no one played it is the only issues I see that may occur
  4. dh warrior

    Sorry to see you go man and I'm sorry to see you feel the sever is that way. it's had times where it was good and bad but it's still the game it was too me. I hope to still see you around Icarly I wish you the best also man.
  5. dh warrior

    well if there's anything I can do to help futher the growth don't be shy to tell me I have told several people about it's return and had several friends rejoin.
  6. dh warrior

    Tarn guide for sure, maybe a pvm and some pvp guide for switches ticks
  7. dh warrior

    nice I hope we can get back up 100+ people again.that would be great
  8. hell yeah, I can't wait to see some of these new drops. hope to see future updates and further the sites growth.
  9. dh warrior

    gratz to you both and good luck we need all the help right now with new people joining all the time.
  10. dh warrior

  11. dh warrior

    I don't remember when exactly but I would say several years. I use to have an old forums account that would be accurate to some time but I don't believe I even screenshot my old account.
  12. dh warrior

    Hey I don't know if ya'll remember me but it's great to be back and playing gs again I hope to be helpful person to the community and play and get to know the one's of you I don't. but I just wanted to say Hi.
  13. dh warrior

    that sounds cool I support ya.
  14. dh warrior

    damn, that's cool.
  15. dh warrior

    welcome back
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