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  1. Oh my lanta, this is one large update my doode! This is absolutely incredible, without a doubt a lot of work went into this! Awesome job to everyone involved in making this happen!
  2. Josh

    Beautiful! Stoked to see it up there, awesome work Donnie.
  3. Josh

    I'm replying to this thread because I think more people should see what's in store for future updates. This is incredible that all of these are on the line for this year's 'production', this is the era of Grinderscapes return, 2019 will be one for the ages.
  4. This is awesome Rashed! I'm really thankful for the skill tab being fixed and the specs on all the barrows gear! Thanks for all the hard work you've been putting in brother!
  5. You all are working so diligently, updates coming out at us like rockets. Really great work!
  6. This is amazing, love it so much! Great work to both of y'all!
  7. Josh

    Woot Woot, congratulations buddie boy!
  8. Josh

    I heard from my buddie Chris back in the homeland.
  9. My brotha! Is this Matt??? Please, tell me it is! 

    If so, long time no see man! Hope all is going well for ya. ^_^

  10. Awesome job, brother! Making Grinderscape great again, one update at a time.
  11. Ron! Thought I'd give ya little shoutbox post since it's been a while, it's Crotchzapper. Hope you're doing well and same with Sven! :)

  12. Hey man! Long time no see or chat! It's Crotchzapper/Lezilla, whichever one you prefer. ;)

    Anyway, hope all is going well man and for the server! Wish it had more people on the fourms like back in the day, I miss that a lot, but anyway, keep it real my dude and talk to ya on the flip! 

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