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    image : " " code : troll :
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    im gonna vote to @david cool video buddy
  3. marwan

    my friend you all know him i think (theskydeath) told me its back and showed me its discord so i got sure it is cuz of lous name i was depressed but now im back to life !
  4. marwan

    gratz anz . we all know you will do your best
  5. amazing update cant wait till more updates !
  6. marwan

    support for @Anz
  7. In-game Name(s):Marwanthekin Age: 20 Timezone: GMT +3 Will you be active?: Yes Im 24/7 On Grinderscape (not a nerd dw) but idh anything to do atm so yeah im active always How much do you usually play per day?: nearly 12 hours on vacations and like 5-7 hours on work days Why do you deserve to be in this group?: im an old player that was sometimes trusted by people infront of staff so yeah i have some experience Any other information: i hope i get accpeted !
  8. Items To add To The New GrinderScape : Staff OF light/ Abyssal Vine Whip/ Torva Set+ Pernix set+ Virtus set+ Glacors Set (Steads / Rage / Glavien) Tokhaar-kal cape/ Comp cape/ Primal set/ Custom hweens / phats Vesta / statius (revenants) This Is The Main Things Thank you  M
  9. vote so u can show lou whats better https://www.strawpoll.me/16225716/r
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