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  1. vutr

    thank you for giving me all these trophies
  2. vutr

    what does that even mean?
  3. vutr

    Hello, Today is the day I will be stepping down from all my positions at Grinderscape. I have rekindled relationships with truly great great people during my time back at Grinderscape, for that I am grateful. I have also uncovered people who are truly fake to this day. It's really disappointing to see this and make the experience here very negative. Currently there are too many issues to count on the server to personally enjoy it. ( coming from someone who has close to most time in game and has been playing since beta.) And no the issue is not that it is a new server and that it will magi
  4. vutr

    thank you valar
  5. vutr

    I wish you luck in your future of Nascar driving!
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