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  1. Izakiller

    Yikes for changing the XP of iron men when the game mode has been out for so long. Bet a lot of people feel shafted at that one. Also, this update doesn't do anything but feed stakers (which btw unbalances the economy even further) to get more 'ultra Kool rare items hehe'. Is that what this server has become? Where's the content.... If I wanted to play collect them all I'd just go play Pokemon.
  2. Ah my bad so that is actually quite useful thanks, always thought it was random. @Jordan hop off me please and thanks.
  3. Explain to me, if this is supposed to be an efficiency guide, why you would complete fishing AFTER cooking? smh
  4. Izakiller


    now organise this bank so I can see what you're missing and can rinse you for it.
  5. can I get a refund on a bunch of stuff then when I did ::tasks half the stuff fell to the floor and vanished before I could even pick it up.. was really dumb and I missed out on loads of achievement loots.
  6. some basic fixes added that you'd expect really from day 1 rsps... Lot's of emphasis on gambling, is this the server you want to run? Make it cheap to cash in, then spread wealth unevenly out within the community. Idk, gambling RSPS' just scream toxicity and no longevity.
  7. sellling 2 x infernal capes for osrsgp. pm me.

  8. Types of bones and their experience rates.* This experience can only be gained by using bones in the wilderness or in the donator zone. Bones (regular) - 664xp Big bones- 2158xp Dragon/Wyvern bones - 10,458xp Fayrg bones - 12,201xp Dagannoth bones - 18,094xp Zogre/Ourg bones - 20,335xp Curved/Long bones - 36,271xp
  9. waiting for updates is like watching paint dry.

  10. Izakiller

    Can we have the option of refunding the blood money for the extra void peices we bought (ability to sellback to Torrics for 50% of the price). I feel this would be an appropriate way to say sorry to players for this extensive list of game-breaking bugs.
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