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  1. That’s soo cool! Awesome job!
  2. Okay, this is juicy; nice job!
  3. That’s a bit contradictory don’t you think? I’m guessing you mean the global chat in the chatbox?
  4. Valar

    - The donator ranks are explained by Bart on our wiki - The benefits of every mode ingame is explained when making a new account in-game - As for the items and vote boosts, it's best to ask a developer in the discord
  5. I’m really loving these; good job!
  6. Valar

    Nice guide; will help alot of players!
  7. Valar

    Very noice! Keep 'em comin'
  8. Valar

    That's not bad at all
  9. Would you look at that, that's pretty
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