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  1. Valar

    Nice job
  2. I always wanted to have dz2 back like in the good old days. (If there’s anyone here that remembers that area) Could make it a f2p area. Just my idea. It’s a smaller area than edgeville, but was packed with ores, trees, gilded altar, stalls, ... I like the nostalgia of it all.
  3. Valar

    I like the vids keep doing them
  4. Valar

    Both deserving imo. I hope they get it
  5. Nice job on these updates
  6. Valar

    Welcome. Middlemen are not staff though they are trusted in the community
  7. Valar

    It happens for alot of people I know too. For it works and for others it doesnt
  8. Goodluck with your application
  9. Goodluck with your application
  10. Valar

    I like these alot tbh
  11. Valar

    Grzz! Well deserved, especially for that Valar guy he’s nice fellow! jk I love each and everyone of these promotions!
  12. Valar

    The last two suggestions are not old school related. Rs3 has a runepouch, but old school does not. This is an rsps yes, but it's based of old school. Cleaning the herbs one by one has always been the way. I realize that'll make it easier and afk, but I wouldn't enjoy it that much. Like Wrath mentioned we should just lower the price for cleaning them, because no one actually cleans herbs to 99 or 250m exp. Potion making is the way to go. The rest of the suggestions are noice, good job!
  13. Valar

    Not a bad haul
  14. Valar

    @Lou Grinder @Zod can help you!
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