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  1. Valar

    Those would indeed be usefull, nice!
  2. Welcome back man enjoy!
  3. Valar

    Welcome Dub, looking forward to your progress!
  4. Valar

    Looking swell!
  5. Valar

    It's definitly QOL. Nice one
  6. That’s a bit contradictory don’t you think? I’m guessing you mean the global chat in the chatbox?
  7. Valar

    Haha I’d love to see a “quarantine-zone” wich is only accessable with a facemask
  8. Valar

    I think the hunting skill should be reworked to be honest. If your new suggested area is also bugged we're back where we started. The disease free farm patches should be a donator benefit for sure. Donators already have benefits at NPC's like ::bank, ::hp, ::spec. No need to add custom NPC's in my opinion. You mean like the ring of wealth toggle option?
  9. Valar

    - The donator ranks are explained by Bart on our wiki - The benefits of every mode ingame is explained when making a new account in-game - As for the items and vote boosts, it's best to ask a developer in the discord
  10. Valar

    Been a while since I’ve enjoyed working with a great team. Now I get the chance to do it again! Grz to everyone!
  11. Very very cool! Amazing job!
  12. That’s really dope. Make more videos please
  13. Valar

    It changes like every month atm it’s Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars
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