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  1. Frostie

    ******UPDATE******* 149 KC DROP. NO WINNER. *******UPDATE******* Ight y'all I'm on this KBD grind. I'm sitting at 125KC. If anyone can guess the EXACT KC of the pet drop I'll give them all the dragon tails, DHCB, and visage's I get. if you wanna know what my RNG is like heres a few examples of my pet KC's. Hydra: 411 Venanitis: 9 Vetion: 0
  2. Frostie

    We appreciate all your guys hard word! I'm excited to try out these new updates!
  3. Frostie

    Is there anyway we can get a drop rate chart? Or maybe I just looked over it but I see people all the time asking how much of a difference the row(i) makes. Like how much of a % does classic give, donator ranks, row/row(i), the vote boost, and whatever else gives you an increased drop rate.
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