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  1. That’s soo cool! Awesome job!
  2. Okay, this is juicy; nice job!
  3. That’s a bit contradictory don’t you think? I’m guessing you mean the global chat in the chatbox?
  4. Valar

    - The donator ranks are explained by Bart on our wiki - The benefits of every mode ingame is explained when making a new account in-game - As for the items and vote boosts, it's best to ask a developer in the discord
  5. I’m really loving these; good job!
  6. Valar

    Nice guide; will help alot of players!
  7. Valar

    Very noice! Keep 'em comin'
  8. Valar

    That's not bad at all
  9. Would you look at that, that's pretty
  10. Valar

    Didn't know. My apologies
  11. Valar

    You're very welcome @alcotty Well he never asked I just saw his signature on forums and decided I could give it a minor upgrade. He's free to ask you one aswell ofcourse
  12. Valar

    Agreeing with everything you said! Nice list and well organized! this however: E-void was so powerfull with other BIS gear it didnt matter if it had a less powerfull defensive stat. Thats why it was considered BIS overall. This is a suggestion from the gods. I like this alot! very nice list @chr0ma !
  13. Valar

    Would you look at that scenery
  14. Short and sweet. Only missing the xp's for each mode and the quantity, but overall a nice guide. keep it up
  15. Valar

    4 pro’s and the friend who started yesterday
  16. Valar

    Digging up old threads is against the rules. Or so it was back in the day; it might still be in effect. In terms of post-boosting I mean (ironicly what i’m doing now; yes) @Zod @Barry @Hellmage someone close this thread please? But yes, the guards are the best outfit!
  17. Valar

    If I could give you a piece of advice, start the thread all over again. This looks like a really good guide, but it would look so much better in one post. Imo
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